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The 5 Best Things About a Kids Halloween Party

The 5 Best Things About a Kids Halloween Partykids halloween party vampire red turquoise theme

kids halloween party vampire red turquoise theme kids halloween party vampire red turquoise theme kids halloween party vampire red turquoise theme

Children's Fun Halloween Theme

Vampires, werewolves, zombies – oh my! With Halloween right around the corner it may be the perfect time to set up a spooky party for the little ones in your life. Kids Halloween parties are fun for everyone for a number of reasons. We’ve compiled our top five favorite elements to ensure your party is a blast!

Start With a Theme

From classic to modern, there’s a theme everyone will love for Halloween! If you like to stay on the classic side try throwing a vampire (like our mock up above), haunted house, or pumpkin patch party! Zombies and clowns have been a major trend over the last few years if you’re wanting something more frightening for an older crowd.

Encourage Adults to Dress Up

This party may be for the kids, but adults can have fun, too! Encourage any adults who are staying for the party to dress in line with the theme. Not only will this make it more fun for the kids, but you can also throw an adult costume contest while supervising the children. You can even make them the judges!

Create Unique Decor

Lower the cost of your party by using wholesale decor and linens to decorate on a small budget. While you’ll want to go all out on atypical decor, some of the decorations can be reused for other events throughout the year.

All ages can take part in putting up the holiday decorations, including curly willow sashes, which transform a room into an exciting and haunting destination for your party.

Our Curly Willow Sashes are a beautiful spiraling specialty linen created by quality organza and taffeta. They are available in stunning colors for other special occasions, but black is certainly the color to use for Halloween. Complete your whimsical look with our Curly Willow Table Skirt topped with a tablecloth or table overlay.

Let Loose With Fun Games

Halloween party games are plentiful and can easily be found online! Check out ones including these games from Simple Play Ideas:

Pin the “Boo” on the Ghost

Color or paint a ghost on poster board. Using construction paper, cut out a “Boo” for every child. Roll tape on the back of the “Boo”. Have the blindfolded children try to tape the Boo onto the ghost.

Spooky Freeze Dance

Give each child black and/or orange streamers, or black curly willow sashes, and have them dance to Halloween music while they wave the sashes or streamers around. When the music is paused, everyone is to freeze until the music starts up again.

Halloween Parade

If the kids Halloween party has them coming in costume, have the children proudly march in a parade and show off their costumes. Ask them to do a monster stomp, pretend to stir a witch’s cauldron, and other Halloween movements.

Make Fun Treats

Anyone up for some hot dog mummies? From bug juice to cute monster cookies there are a number of treat recipes out there that anyone will enjoy. Get some major inspiration from Pinterest and be sure to follow our Pinterest boards for more holiday ideas!

About Our Kids Halloween Party Mock Up

Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆(mid difficulty)
Set Up Time: Approx. 35 minutes with drapes

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