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4 Quick Halloween Porch Decor Ideas

As the cool fall weather begins to make an appearance, so does Halloween decor. After all, nothing says Halloween like cool evenings and front porch Halloween decor! From jack-o’-lanterns, skeletons, ghosts and so much more, there is no shortage of front porch Halloween outdoor decorating ideas! With so many options, this spooktacular time of year gives both young and old a chance to step outside their comfort zones and make lasting memories!

For children, Halloween is greatly treasured because it gives them a chance to play the ultimate game of dress-up with Halloween costumes, and of course, they also get to go trick-or-treating for candy! While attaining a bag full of sugary snacks is certain to be at the top of their list, it's also the ambiance of the night that captures their whimsy and makes the night one to remember.

There's nothing more special than when their eyes light up as they approach a home decorated in honor of All Hallows' Eve. Of course for grownups, the decor process is just as fun for us too! But the decor for your home doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, DIY crafts result in the most fun memories and creative decor!

So are you ready for some quick and easy front porch and outdoor Halloween decor ideas? With our helpful guide, you'll have a fun and festive front porch whether you are working with a lot of space or just want to make the most of a small porch. Trust us, these four projects are super quick and fun to make.  Keep scrolling for our best DIY Halloween porch ideas!


White Ghost Linens
White Ghost Linen Napkins
Floating White Ghost Linens

Do you have any white tablecloths no longer being used? Revive them as ghosts! These frightening or cute Halloween ghouls will have everyone squealing! 

 Step 1: To get started on your ghost, you will begin with a white tablecloth. Any size will do, but square tablecloths work the best for this particular Halloween project.  

Step 2: Next, draw the eyes and mouth with a black sharpie, glue on googly eyes, or make the facial features out of black felt material.  

 Step 3: Toss the tablecloth over upside-down tomato cages or tall planters and - voilà - you have a super quick and easy DIY Halloween porch decor!  

 Step 4: On October 31st, let your ghostly friends greet trick-or-treaters by placing a bowl of candy next to them!


Black Stripe Drape Halloween Porch Decor

Don't want to disrupt your front porch farmhouse vibes for Halloween? You don’t have to! Satin stripe black and white drapes are the perfect complement to this aesthetic! Plus they give off fantastic Nightmare Before Christmas or Beetlejuice vibes!

Step 1: Hang your favorite stripe curtains around the front porch or simply frame the front door. 

 Step 2: Continue the decor with black cats and white pumpkins. For chic pumpkins, use black acrylic paint to paint stripes on white pumpkins to continue this elegant and spooktacular decor!


Halloween Porch Witch Decor
Floating Ghost Yard Decor

Wicked witches or haunting ghosts anyone? These cackling and haunting hanging decorations made from lightweight organza overlays or fabrics offer ideal phantom flow and are a must for no-sew Halloween crafts! 

Step 1: Pick your organza color, white is best for ghosts and black for witches. 

Step 2: Lay the overlay or cut fabric flat and find the middle of the material. Then hot glue the cap over skulls or green spray-painted styrofoam balls. 

 Step 3: Drape the fabric over the skull or styrofoam  

 Step 4: Add string or fishing line to the top of the cap. Step 4:  Hang them on the front porch or from a tree in the front yard and let the fabric drape eerily in the wind for hocus pocus vibes. 


Are you being haunted by burlap linens you accidentally washed!? Let them hunt your front porch instead!

Burlap Halloween Door Decor

Step 1: Add dirt, grease, and fake blood stains to your distressed burlap linens to make the perfect abandoned or haunted front porch decor! 

Step 2: Hang them up unevenly around your front porch and doorway using strings or by hanging the linens directly on nails or temporary hooks.

Step 3: Use fake blood and stained or ruined white napkins, to make alarming beware signs or daunting warning messages.

Step 4: Don’t forget to include the skeletons of those who ignored the warning signs.

Have a fang-tastic Halloween

How will you decorate your yard or front porch this Halloween? Will it be spooky, cute, or creepy-cute? Whichever style you choose, any of these ideas can be embellished with your own favorite decor for a personalized flair.

 If you’re not able to decorate your porch or you simply want to make Halloween extra special, be sure to check out our Kids Halloween Party blog to plan a special party for the entire family!

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