A Quick Way to Throw an Elegant Halloween Party

A Quick Way to Throw an Elegant Halloween Party

Elegant Halloween Party with plum, gold, black and white chevron glitz sequin and satin

Being an adult does not mean you have to keep going to the same cliché Halloween party year after year!

All it took to make a happy Halloween when I was a kid was an orange plastic pumpkin pail and an evening spent trick-or-treating. Somehow, this sugar and plastic formula won’t quite fill me with the same joy these days.

I’ve officially outgrown the charms of wearing grease paint with plastic wigs and whatever that terribly itchy material Halloween costumes are made out of. This doesn’t mean I’m over Halloween, only that I’ve upgraded to YouTube zombie makeup tutorials featuring eyeshadow, Elmer’s glue, and press-on fingernails!

As my Halloween tastes have evolved, a paper tablecloth from the party store and various jack o’ lantern shaped treats aren’t going to create the fantastic Halloween party decor I’m dreaming of…especially since creating an elegant Halloween party has never been easier.

As you grow older and more sophisticated, the Halloween fun can grow with you! Capture Halloween magic by throwing a refined “grown ups only” Halloween party.


Tips for an Elegant Halloween Party

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to ban anything that could read as children’s party. Avoid all of bright, shiny pitfalls that bring attention away from your refined decor.

  • An easy rule is: If it looks cutesy, save it for the kid’s party.

    Choose a sedate palette with pops of sparkle! We chose a black, plum, white, and gold for our Halloween tablescape.
    It’s all about the props! We added feathered ravens to our black Manzanita Tree centerpiece.

    Serve your guests a splendidly spooky cocktail to instantly upgrade the atmosphere while staying within your theme. Try this blood orange blackberry rum punch by Heather Christo that will look as gorgeous as it tastes!


      Get Our Halloween Look

      On a time crunch? Unsure of what to do? Love our look above? Simply pick up the items below and you’ll be on your way to your best Halloween party yet!

      Sequin Embroidery Taffeta Tablecloth – Black
      Chevron Satin Table Runner – Black
      Vintage Round Charger Plate – Black
      Glitz Sequin Drape/Backdrop panel – Black
      Polyester Napkin 20″x20″ – Eggplant/Plum
      Silk Rose Petals (500 pcs) – Gold
      New! Sheer Voile Drapes – Plum


      Are you planning your own refined Halloween party?

      Don’t forget to take a look at our Deals of the Week, which features black, orangepurple, and other various colors products to get your own look going! We want to know all about your elegant take on Halloween – leave us details about your party in the comments, or send us photos of your past events on Facebook or Instagram.


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