How To Hang Floating Candles

Are you looking to spice up your decor? Here’s an idea bound to zap a magical touch to your parties.

Learn how to hang floating candles for your next party. This decor is perfect for Halloween or a Harry Potter-themed birthday party. This DIY floating candle decoration will surely capture your guests’ imagination.

Floating candles are popular decor for weddings, birthday parties, and other events. This versatile decor can be a centerpiece or accent for dining tables and backdrops. One unique way to decorate your event space is by hanging your candles for an ethereal vibe.

In this blog, we walk you through the basics of how to hang floating candles from ceilings. Learn this simple yet magical DIY trick to light up your next party.

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Materials Needed

For this simple decorating project, you’ll need the following:

  • Led Candles
  • Hooks or Velcro Strips
  • Fishing Line
  • Batteries
  • Ladder

Step-by-Step Guide

Choose Your Candles

An important part of creating this DIY with floating candles is choosing the right candles. The safest option is to go with floating LED candles that are battery-powered. Rechargeable candles are also a good option as they are more eco-friendly. LED candles that can be controlled using a remote are the best option so you can turn them on and off even when hung out for decor.

Consider your theme and practical needs when choosing the size and style of candles to hang. For better visibility, choose long candles. These will also give you enough space to tie with your fish line. 

If you’ve got some spare LED tea lights in your decor arsenal, you can also use these. You can DIY some white cardboard into long cylindrical shapes to fit your LED tea lights in. This way, you can still get the same enchanted and haunting look.

Prepare Your Hanging Area

Choose the best area for hanging your candles. Ideally, this will be a place with a lot of vertical space to complement your candles.

Many prefer placing their floating candles near the doorway to give guests a surprising welcome. You can also opt to put it over corridors for a spooky feel. Lastly, you can hang them above your dining area to give your guests a sight to feast on.

Give your ceiling a quick wipe-down to clear any dust and other obstructions. This will also make it easier for you to place the adhesive side of your velcro on its surface. Measure the width and length of the desired area to estimate the distance between candles. Place light markings on your ceiling to make hanging easier. 

Cut and Attach Fishing Line

Next, secure your candles using some fishing line. Make sure your candles have their batteries on and are ready for hanging. Tie one end of your fishing line to the candles using a cinch knot. This knot will allow you to securely fasten your candles.

Measure the length you want for your fishing line and add some margin for hanging to the velcro or hook, then cut. Many decorators recommend using different lengths for hanging floating candles to add dimension to your ceiling decor. 

Secure the Hooks or Velcro Strips

To hang your candles with the fishing line securely attached, you may use hooks or velcro strips. Hooks provide a more secure attachment but leave behind permanent holes in your ceiling. You can also use velcro strips that can be easily taken off once you’ve finished using them.

For hooks, simply screw them on the marked areas on your ceiling. Then tie the other end of the fishing line on the hook using the same cinch knot.

To use Velcro strips, remove the adhesive cover and press the strip firmly for a few seconds. Ensure that it is securely adhered to the ceiling surface. Attach the fishing line to the velcro on the ceiling securely. Make sure to place pressure to fasten securely. 

Hang the Candles

Repeat the steps above and hang your candles safely and securely. Turn them on with your remote control and enjoy the view. Some candles have timer options for easier handling. You can opt to leave them on anywhere between 2 to 6 hours depending on your party.

Once you’ve completed your DIY floating candle decor, you’re ready to complete your Halloween look or Hogwarts-themed birthday party. 

Creative Ideas with Candles

Pair your floating ceiling candles with some equally enchanting floating tea candles. These come in 6 pieces or 25 pieces. You can opt to place them in crystal cylinders or broad basins to get a play of light on your tablescapes. 

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Top off your look with a dazzling candle centerpiece with some candelabras that mirror your floating ceiling candles. 

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To complete your look, add some faux flowers, greenery, or LED lights to your tablescape and backdrop. You can get LED light faux flowers to complement your theme. 

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Elevate your Party with DIY Floating Candles

Decorating parties with candles can be a blast. There are a wide variety of decor ideas to choose from. Learning how to hang floating candles is just one brilliant way to decorate your space.

We’ve gone through the basics of the simple yet impactful DIY trick for hanging floating candles. Get creative with this decor hack for weddings, Halloween parties, wizard-inspired birthday parties, and many more events.

Light up your parties with hanging floating candles and create glowing moments to cherish for a lifetime. 

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