How Do You Keep Tablecloths Wrinkle-Free

Your big day is finally here! You've planned every detail, the flowers are gorgeous, and the cake looks amazing. But then you see it. Your beautiful wedding tablecloth is all wrinkled from being stored.

Don't panic! We've all been there – even wedding professionals. But listen up, there are some simple secrets on how to keep tablecloths from wrinkling for a flawless wedding reception. This blog post will be your wedding-day hero, sharing expert tips to keep your tablecloth smooth and stunning, so your big day looks as perfect as you planned!

Tips On How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Table Linens

Nobody wants a wrinkled tablecloth stealing the spotlight on their wedding day. Here are some clever tricks to keep those pesky creases at bay, ensuring your reception tables look polished and picture-perfect:

1. Storage

Storage is an important aspect of keeping your tablecloths wrinkle-free. Storing them improperly could easily ruin your party’s decoration when you see the wrinkles on your tables.

First off, learn how to properly fold your tablecloths for storage. Forget tight folds! Instead, try loose, diagonal folds. This minimizes sharp creases that can turn into wrinkles later. Think of folding your tablecloth like a giant present – gentle and loose!

For extra wrinkle-prevention power, consider storing your tablecloth in a breathable cotton bag instead of a plastic one. This allows the fabric to breathe and helps prevent moisture build-up, which can lead to wrinkles.

2. Fabric Considerations

There are different fabric types for tablecloths. Just like on chair covers or backdrops, each material is stored and should be taken care of in different ways.


90"x132" Rectangular Oblong Polyester Tablecloth - White
Polyester 120" Round Tablecloth - Emerald Green

A polyester tablecloth is a popular choice for wrinkle resistance. It's usually easy to care for and clean, making it a practical option for weddings.

Learning how to get wrinkles out of polyester tablecloths is simple. You can either use an iron or a steamer for a quick fix. Use a pressing cloth for added protection and avoid ironing directly on embellishments. Polyester is generally iron-friendly, but always check the care label for the recommended heat setting.

A steamer, on the other hand, is also a fantastic option. Hold the steamer at arm's length and gently move it back and forth over the wrinkles.

Stretch Spandex

Rectangular 6 FT Spandex Table Cover - Black
Spandex Cocktail Table Cover 30" Round - White

Given that this material is a tight fit for most tables, there shouldn’t be any problem when using stretch spandex table covers. Rolling them up should be enough when storing them and putting them on is as simple as wearing a shirt. It should have a perfect fit and would have no wrinkles whatsoever.

Plastic or Vinyl

When dealing with these uncommon table materials, removing creases should be simple. If you already know how to remove wrinkles from plastic tablecloths, you should know how to get wrinkles out of vinyl tablecloths as well.

Since they have similar materials, you can easily use your hairdryer on the low heat setting and hold it a safe distance. Move the dryer around the wrinkles to relax the material.

If the wrinkles are stubborn, carefully pour warm water over the wrinkled areas. Alternatively, you can soak the entire tablecloth for a few minutes. After that, lay it flat on a drying rack or hang it to dry quickly.

3. Hanging vs. Folding

Now that you've chosen a wrinkle-resistant fabric or tackled any existing wrinkles, it's time to decide how to store your wedding tablecloth. The best method depends on your storage space and the fabric of your tablecloth.

Hang it if you have the space and your tablecloth is made of a wrinkle-resistant fabric like polyester or a treated linen blend. Otherwise, fold it if you're limited in space or your tablecloth is made of a more delicate fabric.


Regardless of whether you hang or fold your tablecloth, use a breathable cotton bag for storage. This allows air circulation and helps prevent moisture build-up which can lead to wrinkles.

4. Minimizing Wrinkles After Use

Even with the best storage methods, sometimes wrinkles can sneak in after using your tablecloth. Here are a few quick tips to minimize them before packing it away:

Let It Cool

Before folding or storing your tablecloth, allow it to cool down completely. Hot or warm fabric tends to hold wrinkles more readily.

Shake It Off

A quick shake outside can help loosen any light wrinkles that might have formed during use. Think of it like a mini refresh for your tablecloth!

Quick Steaming

This step is optional. If you have a steamer on hand and some extra time, a light steam can be a great way to remove any lingering wrinkles. Just hold the steamer at a safe distance and gently move it back and forth over the fabric.

Having these tips on how to keep tablecloths from wrinkling should help you have a worry-free event when it comes time to decorate for your party. Remember that proper storage and care is a crucial part of keeping your table linens fresh and flawless.

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