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How To Throw A Memorable Arabian Nights-Themed Party

Always full of colors, dancing, glitz, and glamor, holding an Arabian night's themed party for a birthday celebration, wedding, and other occasions will be a memorable way to celebrate in a glamorous atmosphere. Think about a genie in a bottle, shiny furniture, magic carpet decorations, fabulous draping, and more. 

Hosting an event with this kind of theme, you have to think not only about the decorations and food but also have to consider the outfit of everyone to be immersed in the rich Middle Eastern culture.

Arabian Nights Theme Party Outfits

Starting off with the outfit, picking an Arabian nights party theme dress will be a lot to consider. However, you can also make it simple and comfortable and still fit the theme. But we suggest that you go all out.

Here, we discuss the things you need to consider to stand out and enjoy the party.

1. Makeup

arabian makeup

One of the most distinct things you’ll see with Arabian nights themed parties is the makeup.

Use Kajal or lots of eyeliner to bring out the shape of your eyes. This applies to both men and women.

2. Pants

harem pants

Other than silk bottoms, using Harem pants will bring shine to your outfit. The loose fit of these pants will make them more comfortable for you or anyone who would wear them.

3. Top

traditional dress

Adding more color and style to your outfit, partner your comfy pants with a colored blouse or shiny top to complete the look. Although, if you want to go all-out, wear an extravagant dress. Make sure that it has sequin details, embroidery, and beading. Again, don’t forget about the bright and shiny colors.

4. Accessories

colorful accessories

Wear accessories - a lot of them. What completes the look of an outfit fit for this theme is the shine and complication. For men, gold chains are ideal, while for women, you can add headwear, an organza scarf, a waistband, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

Arabian Nights Decorations

This theme requires a lot of details and attention. If that’s too much for you, there is always an option to try DIY Arabian night decorations. Else, there are a lot of things to consider.

1. Table Setup

dinner table setup

Setting up the tables and the entire room should be at the top of your list. Again, they need to be colorful and inviting.

Choose a dominant color to dress up your venue. Make sure the table linens match your chair covers and backdrops.

To add detail to the occasion, you may also want to consider adding burlap table runners for table scaping details. Use gold napkin rings as well for the smaller details.

2. Lighting

arabic lantern

Complement the table set up with proper lighting. Use lanterns, lamps, and drop lights to set the mood for the room. It can also be a great addition in bringing the theme together.

3. Henna Tattoo

henna tattoo

Consider having a booth for henna tattooing. Done for Indian, Arabian, or Moroccan parties, hiring someone will be a great idea to have as an addition to your event. 

If the accessories you wear are not enough, adding henna tattoos as an option is a great idea as well.

4. Shisha Bar

hookah lounge

A common Middle Eastern tradition, setting up a hookah or shisha corner can be a great addition to your party. Although it is not for everyone, these can be placed in the corner of the room to encourage people to socialize while smoking flavored tobacco on a glass pipe.

Set them up with colored bean bags sitting on top of patterned carpets to complete the look. If you would like to enclose the space, add colorful pipes and drape backdrops around the area.

5. Hire A Fortune Teller

fortune teller

Hiring a fortune teller brings more excitement to the event. As an added feature or attraction to your event, give your guests more ways to be excited about the party by hiring someone who can read tarot cards.

6. Belly Dancers

belly dancers

What else screams like a Middle Eastern celebration than having some fun and dancing? Hire belly dancers to pump up the people and dance the night away after the program.

Arabian Nights Theme Party Venue Ideas

Now that you have the basic decorations and outfit ideas, looking for a venue to hold the party is another thing. Here, we have the basic ideas on where you can have your party set up.

1. Rooftop

rooftop view

For whatever occasion, a rooftop party always wows a crowd, especially if you’re living in the city where the rooftop will be surrounded by well-lit buildings. Partying under the moonlight gives a lovely vibe and setting up an Arabian-themed event can bring that up a notch.

2. Your Home

dinner table decorations

Whether it’s in your backyard or inside the house, setting up the colorful linens and shining details can be a great idea for transforming your home into a memorable party event. Another advantage of having it in your backyard is you’ll have your own space to prepare delightful dishes like hummus, shawarma, and even cocktails nearby.

3. Event Tent

colorful tents

Renting out a space and an event tent is the best way to have a themed party like this. You don’t have to worry about setting up and cleaning up, especially if you’re hiring people to do this for you.

4. Ballroom

event hall

If an event tent will give you an outdoor feel, you might also want to consider holding it indoors in a ballroom or a banquet hall. Although a huge space like this will require more room for setting up, the results will be more grand and fulfilling once everything is set up.

Holding Arabian nights themed parties are one of the best and cutest themed events. With the right decorations, venue, and the proper outfits that everyone will participate in can bring more excitement and joy to the occasion - leaving you with a grand and memorable experience.

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