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How to Tie a Chair Sash Set

Do you want to elevate the way the chairs look when you organize events? If you do, one way to achieve that is to use chair sashes so the chairs will not look bare and get a unique and chic appeal instead. But if it is your first time to pull this look off, you should learn how to tie a chair sash. Master it, then match willow ruffles, for instance, withsheer voile drape panels to create a dramatic effect for your events.  

soft curly willow chair sash

A step-by-step on how to tie a chair sash 

Before you can experiment with making different chair sashes, master the basics first. The process goes like this: 

1. Drape the cap over the chair you want to decorate and ensure it is centered.

step 1

2. Grab both ends off the cap and create two separate strands.

step 2

3. Tie the strands into two knots while adjusting the cap to ensure the knot is right in the middle of the chair’s back.

step 3

 4. To easily untie the sash later, it helps if you leave a loop in the second knot.

5. Pull the ends through the back of the cap to create a neater look.

step 4

6. Take the sash out and attach the elastic band connected to the ruffles to the cap.

step 5

7. Fluff out the sash and adjust the cap to get the final look you want.

step 6

These soft curly willow and chair sashes are perfect as wedding chair sashes. You can get more sets of soft curly willow ruffles chair sash and caps for a grand wedding. They give a classy, dramatic, and romantic look to all the chairs they are attached to. Make sure to help the couple pick a cap and sash that matches their wedding motif.

Other ways to create a chair sash

There are other fun ways to get the look that your event chairs need. Try any of these, and you can experiment with the wholesale chair sashes you will buy later:

Traditional Bow

Hold both ends of your chair sash, then wrap them around the back of the chair. Cross the ends and hoop one side on top of the other. Adjust the bow as needed. You can loosen or tighten it up to secure it to the chair’s back. Knowing how tightly the bow must be will help you gauge the answer to how to keep chair sashes from slipping.

Side Bow Chair Sashes

Tie the bow like a traditional one, but mount it on the side of the chair.


Wrap the sash around the chair like a bow, but turn over one end on top of the other end. But instead of finishing it in a bow, take one end with your left hand and wrap it around the other end clockwise. Pull that end under itself and tie it to the chair to finish the look. 


Get both ends of the sash and wrap it around the chair’s back, then cross both ends over each other. Tie it securely to the chair and leave the ends hanging down.

Double Wrap Knot

Hold the ends of the sash and tie them to the middle of the chair, back to front. Remove the sash from the front to the back and tie a bow or knot.

Why use Chair Sashes

curly bows
blue sashes

There are many benefits you can get if you know how to tie a chair sash, such as the following:

  • Elevate the overall look of the event, especially if you make eye-catching sashes
  • Transform otherwise worn-and-torn and dull-looking chairs
  • Highlight the event’s thematic decorations
  • Add a personalized touch
  • Budget-friendly way of dressing the chairs up
  • Create a harmonized look between the tables and chairs
  • Serve as aisle decor
  • Add texture

It is pretty easy to tie a chair sash, as shown in the video, and the process will get easier the more you do it in future events. Figuring out how to tie a chair sash will help you highlight the chairs, add texture to the event’s overall look, introduce colors, and many other benefits. Now, all you need is a reliable supplier of chair sashes, pipe and drape backdrop, tablecloths, and other wedding supplies, so choose the right one!

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