Linen Fabric Guide for Event Planners

Choosing the right fabric for event decor is a crucial decision when it comes to planning an event. Linen fabrics are timeless and versatile, making them a popular choice for event planners. 

How to Decide on Event Linens: Top Considerations

Selecting the right fabric for an event involves careful consideration of key factors to ensure cohesion with the chosen theme. From size, color palettes, texture, and patterns, paying close attention to these details can help event organizers elevate any event they’re planning.


When it comes to table linens, exposed table legs or uncovered chairs are an eyesore. Correctly determining the right size and measurement ensures that all your dining setups are neat and fit snugly. Refer to our linen size chart to help guide you in choosing the right fabric size for your party tables, chairs, and drapery.


Selecting the color for your event’s linens is an important decision, as this serves as the focal point for your ambiance. Consider the event’s theme and scale when making your choice.

For formal events neutral tones such as ivory or white offer a luxurious glow. For more intimate gatherings, bright colors such as red and canary yellow inject energy into any space. Shop by color and choose from a variety of color options at CV Linens™.


Choosing what texture of linen to use for your event sets the mood for your event’s aesthetic. Smooth textures exude sophistication while textured fabrics add depth to your space. To get a better feel of the texture, vibe, and colors of the collection you’re choosing from, get a swatch book to help guide your decisions.

At CV Linens™, we offer swatch books offering samples of different materials. Choose from polyester, lamour satin, glitz sequin, velvet, and taffeta. 

You can also shop by material, for an easier time choosing the right fabric for your event.

Choosing Linens for Formal Occasions

Formal occasions demand the highest quality fabric to match the scale of the event. When it comes to choosing the right one for upscale events, here are some commonly selected materials and types of linens:


The luxurious sheen of satin adds a touch of glamor to any event space, making it perfect for weddings, galas, and black-tie affairs. Its wrinkle-resistant properties also make it a popular choice for event planners. 

Satin Napkin 20"x20" - Champagne
40 yds Satin Fabric Roll - Blush/Rose Gold


Glitz Sequin Backing

The shimmering properties of sequin make it a standout choice for upscale events. Use this stunning fabric in tablecloths, table runners, or chair covers. You can also opt for different backing depending on what you’re going to use your party linens for. Choose from mesh, spandex, or taffeta backing.

Glitz Sequin Mesh Net Drape/Backdrop panel - Champagne
Glitz Sequin Table Runner - Blush/Rose Gold


The rich and soft texture of velvet makes it a versatile choice for event organizers. Velvet exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere while still giving an elegant look, perfect for intimate weddings.

Velvet 132" Round Tablecloth - Black
Velvet 132" Round Tablecloth - Black

Crinkle Shimmer

Combining texture and sparkle, incorporating crinkle shimmer is an excellent choice for formal events. The reflective accents of crinkle shimmer fabrics add an air of sophistication, ensuring a memorable experience for your guests.

Crinkle Shimmer 120" Round Tablecloth - Silver
Crinkle Shimmer 120" Round Tablecloth - Silver

Each of these fabric materials offers unique properties and qualities that raise the ambiance of formal events. Whether you’re aiming for a look of classic elegance or a sleek and modern look for your event, opting for any of these is a great choice.

Styling Tips for Linen Fabrics

Linens offer a versatile canvas for event decor. The wide variety of linen choices creates endless possibilities for styling and customization. Regardless of your choice of fabric, properly styling can elevate your space and bring more life to your event. 

Mix and Match Textures

Create a visually appealing setup by layering different textures of linens. Pair smooth tablecloths with intricate table runners to create a dynamic look. For example, layer a sequin table runner over a velvet tablecloth to add dimension to your dining table.

Play with Colors

Keep a sleek look by opting for metallic tones such as gold or silver for a timeless look. Make a statement with bold hues like teal and canary red. Don’t be afraid to blend colors when setting up your event, pair light-colored linens with dark accents for a striking contrast. 

Utilize Lighting

Using lighting is a great way to maximize your choice of fabric, soft candlelight brings out the reflective qualities of linens like sequins and crinkle shimmer. Add some LED light backdrops to add detail and make your drapery shine.

Pay Attention to Details

Add finishing touches to your setup with accent pieces like floral arrangements, premade flower table runners, and centerpieces. Complete your setup by adding thoughtful details such as chair sashes and napkins to tie the decor together.

Explore Linen Fabric Options with CV Linens™

From classic satin to luxurious velvet, CV Linens™ boasts an extensive collection of linen fabric rolls for your special day. 

Event planners can trust in the durability of CV Linens™' products. Get top-quality linens without breaking your budget. Buy your fabric in bulk online with CV Linens™ and get premium products at affordable wholesale prices.

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Velvet 132" Round Tablecloth - Victorian Lilac/Wisteria
Crinkle Shimmer 120" Round Tablecloth - White
Polyester Swatch Chart


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