Mix Event Linens Like a Pro

The Professional’s Secret

Next time you look at photos of gorgeous, professionally decorated events, take a closer look at the linens.

Does anything about the linens stand out to you?

Are all of the linens at these decadent events made from the same fabric? Or, do you see a luscious mixture of linens with varying textures and finishes combining to create a fabulous statement?

We know your answer will be in favor of the second.

Professional party planners always mix event linens to maximize their decorative effect!

“You see, the chair covers are satin. Because of the satin chair covers, we have to order tablecloths, runners, and napkins in satin, too. This is a shame because satin isn’t quite as pretty in my color palette as other fabrics.”

As one of my Design Consultation clients explained this decorating dilemma to me, I bristled.

I understood this client’s frustration from decorating with a single fabric throughout an event. Time and time again, I try to coax my consultation clients out of their comfort zone and into experimenting with textures. Luckily, I have the perfect solution for frustrations stemming from decorating with a single linen: as soon as a particular linen stops working for you, try to mix event linens!

If a linen is gorgeous for a few pieces but looks a little lackluster in other colors or items, why not give another linen a try? We have a few tips to get you mixing linens like a pro!

Tips to Mix Event Linens

mixed event linens
mixed table linens

Not all linen textures are equal. If the linen textures you have chosen simply don’t look right together, it’s okay to give up that particular combination and try something else. When considering event linens for formal occasions, prioritize fabrics like damask or fine-quality polyester tablecloths. These materials exude sophistication and elegance, making them ideal choices to elevate the ambiance of formal events. Opting for event table linens crafted from damask or high-grade polyester ensures a refined touch that perfectly complements the grandeur of such occasions.

Damask takes the lead. Renowned for its intricate patterns and exceptional durability, damask stands as the pinnacle of luxury in event linens. Its superior quality and exquisite designs make it the preferred choice for those seeking an unparalleled level of sophistication and elegance in their events. Adding champagne-colored charger plates to your ensemble can further enhance the luxurious appeal of your table setting. 

Colors not quite a match? Don’t mix! If you mix a less-than-perfect color match, you could end up with a total mess! To avoid mishaps, you can opt for more flexible types of table covers such as rustic burlap tablecloths and a classic 108-inch tablecloth. Remember that your linens and events should match. 

Polyester 108" Round Tablecloth - Lavender
Plain Round 13" Charger Plates - Champagne
Burlap Round 90" Table Overlay Topper - Natural Tan

Securely fasten with adjustable clips or clamp hooks. When hanging tablecloths for events, opt for adjustable clips or clamp hooks that securely fasten to the edges. This method not only ensures a smooth and even hang but also prevents any slippage or uneven draping, maintaining a polished appearance throughout the event.

 Storing linens without wrinkles involves careful folding and storing techniques. To keep linens pristine, try rolling them around a sturdy cardboard tube or using garment bags for individual pieces. Additionally, consider investing in acid-free tissue paper to interleave between folds, preventing creases and preserving the fabric's high quality.

Hang tablecloths properly. When hanging tablecloths, opt for wide, sturdy clips to secure them without causing any damage. To maintain the fabric's integrity, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, as it can lead to color fading over time. Store tablecloths by folding or rolling them onto sturdy hangers to minimize creasing and ensure they remain in impeccable condition for your next event linens wholesale use.

Are you a big fan of texture? Try using the same color with lots of different textures! For example, if White is part of your color palette try using: Petal Circle Taffeta, Leaf Petal Taffeta, or Flower on Sequin Taffeta. This amalgamation transforms ordinary tablescapes into captivating displays, enriching the ensemble with a dynamic interplay of tactile sensations and visual appeal, perfect for event linens wholesale for diverse occasions.

Flower on Sequin Taffeta Rectangular Tablecloth 90"x132" - Blush/Rose Gold
Leaf Petal Taffeta Table Runner - Emerald Green
Petal Circle Taffeta Round 120" Tablecloth - Lavender

Think variety! Try to use textures and finishes with noticeable differences. Satin and Taffeta both have similar shiny finishes, shaking things up with big differences. Remember, opposites attract! Consider checking out a diverse range of textures and styles available through event linens wholesale options.

Welcome the elegance of an ivory crinkle taffeta tablecloth, the rustic charm of a buffalo plaid tablecloth, or the flexibility of a 60 x 102 tablecloth. Wholesale choices offer a broad spectrum of linens, allowing you to curate unique and captivating event settings. You can get quality tablecloths by taking advantage of the CV Linens discount for wholesale table linen purchases. 

Want to play it safe? Lamour or Polyester! These linen materials will go with almost anything. You can complement them by adding a blush tablecloth rectangle and a touch of vibrant apple green chair sashes. These flexible options provide a classic base for your event linens wholesale needs, effortlessly adaptable to various themes and decor styles.

Build your layers! A fantastic way to experiment with texture is to layer several tablecloths and then add swagging so the layers beneath are visible. Building layers with tablecloths adds a touch of opulence to your event decor. As you layer different textures and colors, each tablecloth contributes to a unique dimension, creating a visually captivating tableau. The strategic addition of swagging enhances the overall aesthetic by introducing graceful drapes and folds. 

The Art of Mix and Match Event Linen

Purple Event Linens

Discover the secrets to successfully mixing and matching event linens to create a stunning visual impact at your next gathering. When you blend different linen textures and colors, you transform an ordinary event space into an extraordinary one.

Choosing the Right Table Linen Colors. Selecting the perfect table linen colors is crucial for setting the mood of your event. Whether you're going for a vibrant, energetic feel or a more subdued, elegant ambiance, the colors you choose will play a leading role.

Exploring Event Linen Texture. The texture of your event linen can add an unexpected layer of sophistication. From the sleek feel of satin to the rustic charm of burlap, linen texture fabric plays a significant role in your event's overall aesthetic.

Selecting the Perfect Event Tablecloth. A well-chosen event tablecloth can be the centerpiece of your decoration. It's important to select one that not only complements your theme but also stands out in its own right.

Complementing with Chair Covers and Drapes. No event setup is complete without the right chair covers and drapes for events. These elements work hand in hand with your linens to create a cohesive look. Consider textures and colors that complement your event tablecloths for a unified design.

Accessorizing Your Linens. Elevate your event's aesthetic with the right accessories. Wholesale charger plates can add a touch of elegance, while bulk table runners offer an economical way to enhance your theme. Don't forget the practical yet stylish plastic cutlery, which can be both functional and decorative.

To improve the glamor even further, consider incorporating a transparent table overlay as the outermost layer. This see-through overlay adds a subtle sheen and allows the layers beneath to peek through, achieving a sophisticated and luxurious look. 

Explore the possibilities of layering with tablecloths to create an exquisite and memorable atmosphere for your events. For an over-the-top touch of glamor, add a see-through table overlay over the tablecloth for the outermost layer! 

For those hosting larger events, consider investing in party supplies in bulk. This not only ensures consistency in your event's look and feel but can also be cost-effective. From plastic cutlery to table runners and charger plates, bulk purchases can streamline your planning process.

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