Mix Event Linens Like a Pro

Mix Event Linens Like a Pro

Mix Event Linens Like a Pro

The Professional’s Secret

Next time you look at photos of gorgeous, professionally decorated events, take a closer look at the linens.

Does anything about the linens stand out to you?

Are all of the linens at these decadent events made from the exact same fabric? Or, do you see a luscious mixture of linens with varying textures and finishes combining to create a fabulous statement?

We know your answer will be in favor of the second.

Professional party planners always mix event linens to maximize their decorative effect!


“You see, the chair covers are satin. Because of the satin chair covers, we have to order tablecloths, runners, and napkins in satin, too. This is a shame because satin isn’t quite as pretty in my color palette as other fabrics.”


As one of my Design Consultation client’s explained this decorating dilemma to me, I bristled.

I understood this client’s frustration from decorating with a single fabric throughout an event. Time and time again, I try to coax my consultation client’s out of their comfort zone and into experimenting with textures. Luckily, I have the perfect solution for frustrations stemming from decorating with a single linen: as soon as a particular linen stops working for you, try to mix event linens!

If a linen is gorgeous for a few pieces but looks a little lackluster in other colors or items, why not give another linen a try? We have a few tips to get you mixing linens like a pro!


Tips to Mix Event Linens 

Not all linen textures are equal. If the linen textures you have chosen simply don’t look right together, it’s okay to give up that particular combination and try something else.
Colors not quite a match? Don’t mix! If you mix a less-than-perfect color match, you could end up with a total mess!
Are you a big fan of texture? Try using the same color with lots of different textures! For example, if White is part of your color palette try using: Petal Circle Taffeta, Leaf Petal Taffeta, or Flower on Sequin Taffeta.
Think variety! Try to use textures and finishes with a noticeable differences. Satin and Taffeta both have a similar shiny finishes, shake things up with big differences. Remember, opposites attract!
Want to play it safe? Lamour or Polyester! These linens materials will go with almost anything.
Build your layers! A fantastic way to experiment with texture is to layer several tablecloths then add swagging so the layers beneath are visible. For an over the top touch of glamour, add a see-through table overlay over the tablecloth for the outermost layer!
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