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Renting vs. Buying Tablecloths and Linens

When planning an event, whether it's an elegant wedding reception, a corporate gala, or a cozy family gathering, one crucial aspect that often requires attention is the choice of tablecloths and linens. These textiles not only add a touch of sophistication and style to your event, but also play a significant role in setting the ambiance and overall theme.

When it comes to acquiring these essential items, event planners and hosts often find themselves at a crossroads: should they go for rental tablecloths or get linens for sale?

By exploring various factors such as cost-effectiveness, convenience, customization possibilities, and sustainability, we aim to provide you with the necessary insights to make an informed decision that aligns with your event goals, budget, and preferences. 

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So, whether you're an event professional looking to optimize your inventory management or an individual planning a memorable celebration, join us as we navigate through the pros and cons of renting and buying tablecloths and linens.

The Internet is a sea of threads weighing the positives and negatives of purchasing linens versus getting tablecloths to rent and linens to rent. Which is ultimately better? The answer can vary depending on an individual and their event. Linens and tablecloths for rent have similar price points as purchased linens. The decision to buy or choose wedding tablecloth rental becomes a matter of value rather than strictly dollar for dollar.

We’re happy to present the most complete, exhaustive, at-a-glance guide to help you make an informed decision!


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Although it can be only a matter of a few dollars, purchasing tablecloths and linens is the more economical choice if you’ll have any reason to reuse them in the future. From family birthdays to a family member’s future wedding, you never know when they may come in handy.

Purchased linens can also be resold to recoup expenses; from eBay to wedding forums, there are many resources online to resell linens. A benefit to rental companies is they usually take care of setting up the tablecloths and linens and cleaning afterward. This alleviates the party planner of the burden of cleanup. 

If you’re purchasing your own linens, be sure to have friends willing to help set up and break down!

Never underestimate the potential of the linens from your wedding to be repurposed for baby showers, birthday parties, or to bring a touch of style to any event! This will give you one less thing to worry about.


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Quality is often the determining factor for what linens are used on your big day, which usually falls in favor of rental companies. It’s important to do research on the company you intend to buy from, or rent from, and find key information. 

When browsing other sites to purchase linens from you may notice that their GSM is lower; the lower the GSM, the more the fabric of a product is toned to tearing, ripping, and snags, and they’ll overall be more lightweight and less opaque.

At CV Linens, we only sell high GSM products that have truly set the industry standard and are actually used to supply several rental companies. There is a good chance you could end up renting polyester tablecloths and stretch spandex tablecloths that originated from CV Linens!


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When you opt for party linen rentals, you are at the mercy of the selection offered by the rental company. You may have seen a Satin Rosette on Pinterest that you love. But chances are, it may not be offered in the color or sizes you need, let alone that it may already be rented out for the day you need them. 

The options for customization are limitless when you purchase linens! You have the option to purchase additional items a rental company may not have. If you want glitz, a rental company may only have tablecloths and runners. But with purchasing through CV Linens, you’ll be able to find napkins, chair covers, chair bands, backdrops, and table overlays in addition to the tablecloths and table runners. 

With a multitude of colors, patterns, and material choices, you can create the exact look you’re trying to cultivate!

To give an expert suggestion, go buy bulk tablecloths rather than renting out and choosing from round tablecloths, rectangular tablecloths, and oblong tablecloths.


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A lesser-known cost of rental linens includes cleaning. Like all other rentals, linens need to come back in the condition you received them in. Yikes if you’re working with white linens! If you’re not worried about cleaning fees, rentals are definitely still an option for you. If you think cleaning may stress you out during your event, purchasing tablecloths and linens may be a better option. 

You can relax knowing a spilled drink or cake disaster won’t cost you an additional charge. Cleaning purchased linens falls under the responsibility of the owner. Don’t let that deter you! Our care guide makes cleaning a snap. We’re always happy to answer a call or email about how to specifically care for your linens.

Where To Buy Tablecloths

Buy tablecloths and linens from a trusted supplier that is highly recommended by wedding planners, DIY couples, and party organizers. CV Linens is the only place that is highly rated by a lot of people.

CV Linens offer all sorts of tablecloths for sale. For the best deals with still great quality, you check out the CV Linens discounts section. There you can find bulk tablecloths for sale, overstock tablecloths, chair covers, centerpieces, table runners, backdrops, and more.

By addressing these concerns from forums and sites, it appears that purchasing linens is the better choice. If you’re looking to save money and cop the style you crave, while worrying less; purchasing is your best bet.

If you’re not too stressed on pricing and cleaning, and want the ease of someone setting it up, renting may be the more viable option for your event. No matter what decision you choose to make, at CV Linens we want to help ensure you have the best options to suit your needs!

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