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Round Table Setting Ideas


Your dining room table setting can set the mood of your whole dining area. A shared space for sharing food, laughter and conversation, the dining room table holds a special place in any household.

Admittedly, finding the right arrangement for dining tables can be joyful but also challenging, especially for round tables. Here are some of our best Round Table Setting ideas to give your home that elegant and warm touch.


Setting up a Round Dining Table

black round table
round dining table

The best way to place a dining room table is to put it in an area that follows the lines of the room. This set-up allows the lines to draw the eyes along it and focus on the table. For big open spaces, a large round table will suit the space well. A smaller round table also does well in small, compact spaces like in apartments or studio-type flats.

Round tables make it easier for people to move around. These tables don't have any sharp corners seen on square or rectangular long tables. Round tables give your dining room a more fluid feel and make the interiors feel less boxed in.

You can also opt to position your dining table against the wall if you're only seating a few people. This gives you more space in your dining area to move around. 

Round Table Centerpiece Ideas

white dining table

To cap off your dining room table, give it a dash of decor. The most common way to decorate a round table dining room is to place a beautiful centerpiece. There are many decor options to use as a table centerpiece. A simple centerpiece decoration is best for a minimalist dining room.

You can use a plant or round vase filled with fresh flowers or maybe a fruit bowl for utility and design. If you've got other design pieces that would fit your dining table well, get creative in designing your dining table with interesting centerpieces.

If you're decorating for a more formal occasion, event decor companies offer centerpieces. Try crystal centerpieces that can instantly elevate your tablescape for an instantly elegant tablescape.

Setting a Dining Room Table for Dinner

round tablecloth

Round tables allow for a closer set-up for friends and guests over a nice warm meal. Its easy to set your round dining table for dinner when hosting a dinner for family and friends. Start off with your best dishes, glasses and silverware to match your occasion.

Dress up your tablescape for dinner with a classy tablecloth. Polyester tablecloths are a good option for dining tables. Depending on the size of your round table, you can choose from a 120 round tablecloth or 108 round tablecloth. Pair your tablecloths with some banquet chair covers and somelinen table napkins to match.
Take your dinner setting up a notch with some charger plates and napkin rings for a polished look. Don't forget your matching table centerpiece to tie in all the decor elements together.

You'll be surprised how flexible a round table can be for different design inspirations. With the right decor items you can switch from rustic to glam real quick depending on your place setting.

Decorating a Round Table When Not in Use

coffee table

If you've got a round table that isn't in use, turn it into a functional room décor with these round table setting ideas. You can use the tried and tested centerpieces for round tables and simple add a twist. Try using a few vases with different heights or dried flowers and herbs as ornaments placed in a large rustic vase.

You can also try using scented candles as a centerpiece. If you want to add a touch of metalwork into your room set-up you could also opt for a candelabra. With round tables that aren't regularly used for dining, you can assemble multiple elements for decor.

You can use framed photos or framed artwork by family members. You can also add small trinkets and figurines from vacation destinations. You can also add coffee table books for guests to pore over or other coffee table decor. Piece together a collection of items, memorabilia or family heirlooms that spark good memories and thoughtful conversations.

Coming up With the Perfect Round Table Set-up

christmas dinner table

We've gone through the basics of how to set up your round table in your dining area or living room with some of the most trusted round table setting ideas. If you're decorating for a dinner banquet or simply setting-up your table for everyday use, you're sure to have a pocketful of design ideas to work with.

Remember to choose the right decor elements that mesh well with each other and match your dining room's overall aesthetic. Share laughter and memories with kith and kin over hearty meals on your stylishly decorated round table.

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