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Elegant and Trendy Infinity Bridesmaids Dresses

Infinity Bridesmaid Dresses-Versatility Meets Elegance in this Trendy Wedding Dress

Every couple wants their wedding party to look best, from their wedding theme and wedding linens to the food, venue and styling. There is so much to look into, and most couples are particular with the smallest details, down to guest table centerpieces and wedding charger plates

Another crucial aspect of the wedding is how the wedding entourage is dressed according to the theme. While the groom and his groomsmen are easily dressed in their dapper black suit and tie, it could be a challenge to look for bridesmaids dress styles that complement the wedding color palette and at the same time, comfortable yet flattering for different body types.

Some brides opt for custom-ordered gowns for their bridesmaids, but this can be time-consuming and expensive. Not to mention, some bridesmaids can also feel uncomfortable wearing a dress style that they do not feel comfortable in. 

One affordable yet stylish option is to go with trendy infinity wrap dresses for the bridesmaids!

What is an infinity dress? 

pink infinity dress

Infinity dresses are multi-way wrap dresses often made of stretchable spandex material available in a variety of colors, and in knee-length or floor-length options. Also called convertible dresses, this fabric can be styled up to 72 different options, with or without additional accessories such as metal hoops, brooches, or pins. Some dress stores also offer infinity jumpsuits which are basically the same stretchable and convertible fabric in trousers form. 

The variety of options on how to style this dress makes it a perfect option for brides who want their entourage gowns to match the wedding color palette, but also want the bridesmaids to wear something that is comfortable and flattering for their body type. Also, these dresses are also more affordable than custom-ordered dresses. 

This unique style of infinity bridesmaid dresses offers a one shoulder design that wraps around the body in an infinity loop, creating a flattering silhouette that will make your bridesmaids stand out from the crowd. With its versatile styling options and range of colors, this dress is sure to elevate your wedding party’s look and make them feel beautiful on your special day.

What are some Bridesmaid Infinity Dress Styles?

blue infinity dress
infinity dress styles

True to its name, there are infinite ways to style infinity bridesmaid dresses. Stores usually offer a how-to guide on basic dress styles, from off-shoulder wrap-around or tube-tops, to halter-style or short-sleeved gowns, the options are limitless. 

Infinity dresses for bridesmaids are also perfect for a variety of wedding themes. From sleeveless tops for beach or garden weddings, to more modest and appropriate bridesmaid dress styles for churches or formal weddings, these dresses offer choices to the bridesmaids on how they want their dress to look like.

If the bride wants a more chic and easy wedding dress, a white infinity dress can also work! Accessories can be used to make the white infinity dress stand out from the rest of the guests, or simply add a studded wedding veil and colorful bridal bouquet.

What are the benefits of infinity bridesmaid dresses?

gray infinity dress

Aside from its versatility and style, infinity dresses are sustainable and economical. These dresses can simply be styled differently by the bridesmaids and they can simply use it again for gatherings. They can also use accessories such as pins or brooches for added color or shine. 

Most infinity dresses are made of spandex and polyester. They have a slightly shiny texture, but they do not overly reflect light, perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings. 

One factor that a lot of couples and even wedding stylists overlook is that sometimes, fabric materials of the event linen such as tablecloths, chair covers, and cocktail table covers do not complement dress fabrics of the guests. This seemingly insignificant factor can greatly affect photos, especially with differences in event lighting. Infinity dress fabrics are less shiny than satin dresses, which are a perfect contrast to vibrant event draping and bright venue lighting. 

What wedding themes do infinity dresses work with? 

beautiful bridesmaid

Infinity dresses are also mostly made of a single-colored fabric, which are simple yet picture-perfect for any wedding theme. For example, for a spring garden wedding, full-colored spandex infinity dresses in pastel colors such as pink or light orange will wonderfully complement a colorful floral backdrop matched with LED fairy lights for effect.

For casual weddings, knee-length infinity dresses or even infinity jumpsuits will work well for a more laid-back yet equally stylish attire. These dresses are perfect for less formal gatherings or destination weddings. If you wish to match attires for your entourage for your wedding dinner or you want to include them in your pre-nuptial photo shoot, knee-length or cocktail dresses are also the perfect option.

For more elaborately-decorated weddings such as fairytale weddings or Mardi Gras-themed weddings, bridesmaid infinity wrap dresses are also popular. Simply use colorful and eye-catching accessories such as florals, stunning jewelries, or even hats, headdresses and scarfs to add color to your bridesmaids dresses. Match them with a rustic or neutral colored dress, or a cool-colored infinity dress like a sage green or dusty blue infinity bridesmaid dresses.

Accessories can also match the event styling like similar colors of brooches with fabrics decorated around wedding arch backdrop stands. You can also use colorful LED signs or event balloons to decorate your wedding arch. Use metallic balloons to match gold or silver brooches used to accent infinity dresses if you want a metallic color palette for your wedding.

These simple color details that match the wedding palette can give your entire event a more holistic and coherent feel.

Infinity bridesmaids dresses are affordable, versatile and trendy. They offer your bridesmaids with a choice on how to dress themselves for comfort and style, while still following the wedding theme. Whether you are having a formal wedding or a more laid-back and chic wedding, infinity bridesmaid dresses are definitely the perfect option for your bridal entourage.

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