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Top 10 Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

It's the season for love once again. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you might be wondering what to do to make your day extra special with your significant other. If you've run out of date ideas, we've got you. Here are some of our top date ideas for Valentine’s Day that will woo your partner and give both of you a fun time to remember. 

On Valentine’s Day, couples go on dates or do the usual activities for partners. You can expect the usual candle-lit dinner for two, an outing or a long walk on the beach, or maybe a movie date. 

If you're looking to surprise your significant other, here are some ideas that you can do for Valentine’s to spend the day with your partner. Below are our top 5 date ideas for Valentine’s Day. 

1. Valentines Day Gift Exchange


Everybody knows the thrill of receiving gifts on special occasions. Think of a lovers' version of a Kris Kringle – with a twist. Surprise each other with a Valentine’s Day gift exchange with them for every day of Valentine's week. 

It doesn't have to be expensive, as long as it's meaningful. You can go crazy with the gift ideas. Choose themes that reflect meaningful cornerstones of your relationship.

Perhaps a gift that reminds you of your first date or first kiss? Get creative with your gift prompts. It's not the gift alone that'll make your Valentine special, but the stories you'll get to share when you look back on your relationship.

2. Go on a Hike and Stargaze 

outdoor hike

Interested in the outdoors? Here are some Valentine's date ideas for him. Get some ideas on what you can do with your boyfriend on Valentine's Day. You can go for a hike, a nice bike ride, rock climbing, or a quick trek on a trail with a  picturesque view.

You can choose a trail that's beginner-friendly or a more advanced hike for the more outdoorsy couple. Take it up a notch and go camping and stargazing. Get cozy around a bonfire and enjoy the night sky with each other.

3. Throwback First Date 

first date

Looking to impress your girlfriend? Here's a date idea you can do with your girlfriend on Valentine's Day. If you're looking for a sweet little nostalgia trip down memory lane, here's the perfect date idea for you. 

Recreate your first date with your significant other - from decor and set-up to food to the first few conversations you had on that fateful day. You're bound to get some laughs when you look back on your first date. If you've got an old photo, be sure to recreate it for posterity!

4. Valentines Dinner

dinner date

If you're the type to stay in or opt for a simple Valentine’s Day dinner, here's what you can do to put a twist on the old candle-lit dinner. 

Put a twist on the traditional Valentine's dinner and try an outdoor movie night dinner with your partner. You could set up a nice dinner table decked out in the traditional Valentine’s Day decorations.

After a hearty meal, you can move to a cozy hammock and watch an outdoor movie marathon with a bottle of wine and some popcorn in hand. If you're not the movie buff type, you could opt for a game night as well. Bring out your favorite board games and talk about your favorite childhood memories. This way you can be as comfortable as you when you stay at home and still enjoy the outdoors. 

Decorate your Valentine's dinner tablescape and eat in style wherever you are. You'd be surprised what difference the right table overlays can make.

5. Destination Getaway for Valentine’s Day

beach date

If you've had your share of city lights and the urban landscape, get a quick escape on Valentine’s Day and go for a destination Valentine!

Perhaps one of the best places to celebrate Valentine’s Day is someplace new where both of you can explore together. If you're both into traveling, you could go for a backpacking trip in a foreign country. You'll find the challenge of navigating a new place a refreshing experience. 

If you wanna catch some waves, go out for a drive to the beach and eat a hearty seafood meal. Spend a long night walking along the shore. Go scuba diving in pairs and swim with the dolphins. The possibilities are endless with a romantic getaway!

6. Art and Craft Night


Gather around with your partner for a cozy arts and crafts night. Use simple supplies like paper, glue, and markers to create personalized Valentine's Day cards or a joint masterpiece celebrating your unique connection. Spread out clean linen for a neat workspace, adding a touch of creativity to your crafty evening.

7. Cooking Together


Enjoy a delightful evening by cooking together. Choose a favorite recipe or try something new, creating a homemade dinner that reflects your shared tastes. 

Lay out a charming pink tablecloth to set the stage for a cozy and romantic meal you both prepared with love.

8. Outdoor Picnic


Plan a romantic outdoor picnic with your partner. Pack a basket with your favorite snacks and find a picturesque spot, a local park, or your backyard. 

Spread out a linen tablecloth for an elegant touch, creating a cozy atmosphere amidst nature for a memorable and intimate picnic experience.

9. Memory Lane Movie Night

Take a trip down memory lane with a movie night featuring films that hold sentimental value in your relationship. Set up a cozy movie-watching space at home using a rose backdrop or flower wall panels. Share stories and laughter as you relive cherished memories through the magic of cinema.

10. Virtual Date Night


Bridge the distance with a virtual date night if you're physically apart. Choose a video call platform and enjoy activities like watching a movie together or playing games online.  Surprise your partner with a thoughtful digital gift using CV Linens’ discounts, such as a virtual card or coupon for future linen purchases, adding a personal touch to your virtual celebration.

Planning the Best Date Night for Valentine's Day

We've gone through some of our top ideas for valentine's day to make your February 14 special. There are so many more date ideas for valentines day. You could opt for a fancy romantic dinner date outside or choose to stay in for some cozy quality time together. 

There are so many romantic date ideas to go around, you could practically make the romance last throughout the month or even throughout the year. What's important is you've both made your expectations known and have made plans together to make your valentine's date a day to remember. 

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