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Top Garden Wedding Venues in NYC

Are you dreaming of a wedding in New York City? You might want to consider garden wedding venues in NYC because it can provide more space, looks less formal, comes with natural lighting, and is more personal. With proper decorations, such as a wedding arch, table linens, and lighting, an outdoor wedding in the garden will look romantic. But first, learn how to prepare for a garden ceremony, how much it will cost, how to decorate it, and which top garden venues you should consider for your wedding in the Big Apple. 

Tips on Preparing for a Garden Wedding

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Planning a wedding is challenging, especially if it is outdoor, because of the unpredictability of the weather. But these tips can help in your preparations:

  • Choose the right time

Timing is one of the critical factors in choosing outdoor events. The best time to hold a garden wedding in the US is early summer and early fall because of the mild weather. Once your clients have decided on a time, it would help to know which flowers are in bloom. It can affect your decisions on how to go about decorating the venue.

  • Prepare for the unpredictable weather

Set a canopy over the venue to protect your guests and the decorations from the sun, rain, or wind. There are still ways to make events in outdoor wedding venues in NYC comfortable, such as giving your guests fans in the summer or preparing a portable heater in the winter.

  • Look after everybody’s comfort

Check if the venue has restrooms and enough parking space for everybody. Ensure that they have handicap-friendly access for any guest who needs it.

  • Provide good lighting

Regardless of the weather, the garden should be well-lit. It would be even better if you can get a generator or any backup source of power.

  • Invest in a great sound system

The way travel sounds varies when the venue is outdoors. Conduct a sound check first to ensure that everybody can hear you, even those sitting in the last row.

  • Prepare contingencies for all invited and unforeseen guests

Aside from your human guests, you also need to prepare for mosquitoes, spiders, bugs, and other insects commonly found outdoors.

  • Decorate 

Garden weddings are easy to decorate because of the natural sunlight, natural scenes, and flowers. Lanterns, fairy lights, and candles can also make the garden look more romantic and impactful.

How Much an NYC Wedding Usually Costs

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According to a report, the average cost of a wedding in New York City is among the top three highest in the US at $42,000. Many couples still choose to wed in the iconic city because of its interesting landscape that makes for great photos, timeless areas, and explosive styling. 

The biggest part, around 30%, of the wedding budget goes to the venue. If you want to help your clients make the most out of their money, help them pick the right place in NYC. 

Tips on Garden Wedding Decorations

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Make saying “I do” at one of the best garden wedding venues in NYC a memorable one for your clients and their guests using these decorating pointers:

Use a themed seating

  • You can try cushions for a boho theme or tree stumps for a rustic motif.

  • Prepare giant lit-up letters

These could be the couple’s initials or their favorite phrase.

  • Give it a seasonal touch

Use lots of pastel flowers if it is spring, give away blankets for a winter wedding, dried flowers if it is fall, or bright colors for a summer wedding.

  • Flower walls do not go out of style

These are great outdoor decorations you can combine with string lights or bulbs to make an excellent photo backdrop.

  • Decorate the aisle

You can set up glowing lanterns, small floral arrangements in vases, sprinkled flower petals, or candles in grand candelabras on the aisle.

  • Prepare eye-catching floral wedding centerpieces

Dress up the reception tables with oversized centerpieces filled with flowers. Arrange them to be at a height at the center of the table that will allow guests to mingle.

  • Set up a wedding arch

Wedding arches can upgrade any outdoor venue to suit your theme. Floral arches are common, but you can also create one by draping an elegant organza, making a backdrop with chiffon, or using tulle to make the arch look thicker and bigger.

You can weave string lights around throughout the arch, place lanterns along the arch to give the event a glow, hang larger bulbs from the top of the arch, or suspend lit letters from the arch. 

If you want to add more dimensions to the wedding arch, set up a trio. Wrap them in faux florals in theme-based colors. You can also create a runway of wedding arches. 

Best Garden Wedding Venues in NYC to Consider

Check out these garden venues in the city:

620 Loft & Garden

If you want a spot overlooking the Rockefeller Center and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, go for 620. You can bring guests to the loft in case it rains, but the courtyard also has a tent-covered area.

The New York Botanical Garden

You’d definitely get a memorable wedding if it is at a National Historic Landmark. You will be treated to beautiful flowers, manicured loans, and peaceful grounds. The couple will be saying “I do” surrounded by lush greenery

Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo offers event packages, making it one of the interesting New York wedding venues to consider. They charge per person and promise food, a few hours for the reception, a multi-course dinner, an open bar, a banquet manager and servers, and your choice of linens

Queens Botanical Garden

All 39 acres make for a unique spot for a wedding ceremony, photo-taking, and reception. It has a gazebo, wooden bridges, many flowering plants, and a white picket fence.


This historic spot has a private garden and an architectural masterpiece with a vaulted tile ceiling and high granite arches. The couple can exchange their vows outside or go inside with at least 150 guests. Gustavino’s interiors may also serve as an entertainer’s stage or everyone’s dance floor. There are also rooms where the wedding party can prepare for the big day’s activities.

Make your clients’ dream wedding in one of the garden wedding venues in NYC. Help them prepare for the New York wedding, set a budget, and decorate the venue with proper linen tablecloth, centerpieces, flowers, and lighting. Shop at CV Linens today.

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