Should You Use Placemats with A Table Runner?

Placemats and table runners are both necessary when arranging your table. They add color and style to your dining experience and enhance the overall look of your event. They, of course, offer practical benefits such as protecting your table from damage. 

But, should you use placemats with a table runner?

Yes, absolutely! Pair your table runner with placemats to create a dynamic and layered effect on your dining table. Read this blog to learn more things about using placemats with a table runner.

Understanding Placemats and Table Runners

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Placemats or tablemats are individual mats placed at each setting. They protect your tables from spills, stains, and scratches. They maintain the table's finish by acting as a barrier between the surface and hot plates. 

Placemats bring both flair and color. They come in a wide range of colors and materials, making them perfect additions to any dining space. They can work well with any event theme and color scheme.

Table runners are long, narrow pieces of fabric that sit in the center of the table. These linens add an exquisite touch by drawing attention along the length of your table. 

Runners can be used to frame other table decor such as centerpieces, candles, or floral arrangements. These table linens set the tone for the dining experience and act as a focal point.

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Benefits of Using Placemats with a Table Runner

Using tablemats with a runner has many advantages. The combined protective layer that these two will form will safeguard your table from spills and stains. As a result, your table is maintained in perfect condition, which also increases its lifespan.

This combination also creates a layered effect, making it appear more carefully designed. Layer your runners with placemats and mix and match different colors and patterns.

When Can You Use a Table Runner with Placemats

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There are several uses for placemats and table runners. Formal events such as weddings, banquets, and formal dinners are great for introducing this combo. 

Themed events and holidays are excellent opportunities to use table runners and placemats as well. Whether it's a lavish Christmas dinner or a Halloween party, a well-planned setting can take your celebration to the next level. Decorating a Thanksgiving table? Pair an autumn-colored table runner with placemats in complementing colors!

Finally, tablemats and table runners can add elegance to every meal. Simply add these two essentials to transform a typical dinner into a more enjoyable experience. 

Styling Tips for Using a Table Runner and Placemats

Keep your overall event theme and color palette in mind when choosing your table runner and placemats. If you want to go for a classic style, match a solid-colored runner with patterned tablemats in complementary colors. For a trendy look, pair neutral placemats with a metallic runner.

Add stylish centerpieces like floral arrangements, candles, or decorative bowls. Use linen napkins with napkin rings to match the colors of your runners and placemats. 

Don't forget about dinnerware such as cutlery, dinner plates, and chargers. Arrange them carefully to enhance the visual appeal of your dining table.

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