What is an Oblong Tablecloth?

Tablecloths are a crucial aspect of event decoration, serving as a backdrop to your tablescape. This subtle yet impactful design piece sets the tone for your dining experience. Party planners often have to choose from various sizes and shapes to get the look you want. Choosing the right tablecloth - whether round, square, rectangular, oblong, or oval – is essential in getting the right look.

Many new event decorators often ask: what is an oblong tablecloth? In this blog, we go through the basics of oblong tablecloths, with some top tips on decorating your party with it.

Understanding Oblong Tablecloths

Economy Polyester Tablecloth 90"x132" Oblong Rectangular - Lavender
Economy Polyester Tablecloth 90"x132" Oblong Rectangular - Blush

Tablecloths have the practical function of protecting your tabletops. It also has the aesthetic use of adding color and style to your dining tables. Choosing the right shape, size, color, and fabric is important in setting the tone for your dinner party.

An oblong tablecloth is one of the size options you can choose to decorate your tablescape. Oblong tablecloths are a type of rectangular tablecloth with slightly rounded edges instead of pointed corners. It is classified as rectangular due to its longer length compared to its width. The difference is that its edges have softer rounded corners. This makes it perfect for both formal and casual events for a touch of delicate elegance.

Many decor hobbyists wonder what the difference is between oblong and oval tablecloths. Oval tablecloths similarly have a longer length compared to their width. Oval tablecloths have no corners and instead have rounded sides. It resembles a more elongated circle. 

What size is an oblong tablecloth usually offered in?

Oblong tablecloths usually come in 90” x 132” rectangular tablecloth sizes. These are perfect for 6ft and 8 ft tables, with about an 18” drop for larger tables. You can seat about 8-10 people with this table size.

If you prefer tablecloths that puddle, you can use this size on a 4 ft table. Just be sure to add some skirting decor for a luxurious yet polished look. You can also choose the 90” x 156” oblong tablecloth on your 6ft to 8ft party tables. This will allow for a slightly longer drop along the length of the table. 

Why Use Oblong Tablecloths?

Oblong tablecloths are an understated yet versatile decor piece. Because of their unique shape, they can be used for both rectangular tables and oval tables. Get a polished appearance with oblong tablecloths that fit both table shapes. You can seamlessly integrate this tablecloth at both formal parties and casual gatherings.

The rounded corners of oblong tablecloths also add a soft and delicate look to any party table. Because of its smooth rounded edges, they drape neatly around the corners of any rectangular table. This creates a more sleek look compared to rectangular tablecloths that may hang in a bunch around a rectangular table’s corners. 

Design Ideas with Oblong Tablecloths 

Choose from a variety of fabric options for your oblong tablecloths. For luxe galas, dress your tablecloths with velvet oblong tablecloths. If you’re on a budget, you can opt for affordable synthetic fabric like polyester oblong tablecloths

These give off a clean and polished look at an affordable price especially when you buy your tablecloths in bulk. Another option for a posh yet sophisticated look is the lamour satin oblong tablecloth. Get the soft sheen of satin for a look of quiet luxury. 

Economy Polyester Tablecloth 90"x132" Oblong Rectangular - Champagne
Velvet 90"x132" Rectangular Tablecloth - Emerald Green
Economy Polyester Tablecloth 90"x132" Oblong Rectangular - Baby Blue

When choosing tablecloths, color options are essential. You can’t go wrong with neutrals such as white oblong tablecloths. You can also opt for jewel-toned colors like navy tablecloths or burgundy tablecloths for a truly luxurious look. Opt for light and muted colors like dusty blue or mauve for garden parties. 

Lamour Satin 90"x132" Rectangular Oblong Tablecloth - White
Lamour Satin 90"x132" Rectangular Oblong Tablecloth - Navy Blue
Lamour Satin 90"x132" Rectangular Oblong Tablecloth - Blush/Rose Gold

Complete your with drapes and chair covers in matching colors. Top off your tablescape with some charger plates for added detail to an elevated look. 

Spandex 4-way Stretch Drape Curtain 14ft H x 60" W - Ivory
1 Set of Soft Curly Willow Ruffles Chair Sash & Cap - Ivory
Reef Acrylic Plastic Charger Plate - Ivory

Party in Style with Tablecloths

Oblong tablecloths are flexible party linens you can be sure to use many times for formal and casual parties. We’ve gone through the basics of what oblong tablecloths are, ideal sizes, and design ideas to work this. Complete any wedding look with this versatile and elegant decor. Get your oblong tablecloths in bulk at affordable wholesale prices with CV Linens™. Create magical moments with family and friends to last a lifetime. 

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Economy Polyester Tablecloth 90"x132" Oblong Rectangular - Black
Velvet 90"x132" Rectangular Tablecloth - Burgundy
90"x132" Rectangular Oblong Polyester Tablecloth - White

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Velvet 90"x132" Rectangular Tablecloth

90"x132" Rectangular Oblong Polyester Tablecloth


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