What Is Taffeta?

Ever been to a party where the decorations are just too plain and boring? There’s a big chance that even though all tables, chairs, and drapings are covered with event linens, they may be just too plain. But there's a secret weapon for transforming your venue from plain to fantastic: taffeta event linens! 

For starters, taffeta can add some serious drama to your event. Buckle up, because we're about to explore what taffeta is and how it can add character to your event and make your party unforgettable.

Flower Petal Taffeta Round 120" Tablecloth - White
Taffeta Tablecloth 120" Round - Mint Green
Taffeta Napkin 20"x20" - Peach
Taffeta Chair Sash/Tie - Pink

What Is Taffeta Made Of?

What is a taffeta, anyway? Well, taffeta is like a unique fabric that's stiff and crunchy, kind of like a starched shirt. But in a good way! This stiffness helps it hold its shape perfectly, which is why it creates such amazing folds and drapes.

Taffeta also has a special secret – a subtle shimmer! It's like the fabric has its built-in spotlight, making it look fancy and eye-catching. 

For a quick history lesson: taffeta has been around for hundreds of years and was once used to make dresses for royalty! Now, not only are they used on clothes but on event linens as well. We’re talking about chair covers, tablecloths, drapes, napkins, and more. Let's see why taffeta is the perfect choice to add some wow factor to your event linens!

Taffeta For Events

Now you know what taffeta fabric is and where it was first used, we’ll show you how they can be a great addition to your events.

1. Add Fancy To Your Tables

Remember how we said taffeta shimmers? That adds a touch of luxury and elegance to your whole event, no matter what the theme. Imagine a crisp taffeta tablecloth – it instantly makes your tables look fancy and important!

2. Perfect For Backdrops

Because taffeta holds its shape so well, it creates amazing folds and drapes. This makes it perfect for dramatic tablecloths that flow down to the floor, stunning chair covers, or even backdrops for your photo booth or head table.

3. Different Colors And Designs

Taffeta comes in a ton of colors, not just fancy ones. You can find bright and playful colors for a fun party or stick with classic black or white for a more formal look.

There's even crinkled taffeta that adds a cool textured look! This type of taffeta has wrinkles built right in, so you don't have to worry about ironing out any creases. It gives your event a more relaxed and unique feel, perfect for a garden party or a boho-chic event.

4. Durable

Taffeta might feel stiff, but it's pretty durable. It wrinkles less than other fabrics, which is a major plus for busy events. This can be great for re-using them for other events. Perfect for event organizers and wedding planners. Plus as a bonus, many types of taffeta can even be washed at home.

5. Versatility

This fabulous fabric can be used in countless ways to make your tables and chairs the stars of the show. Here are some examples:


Taffeta adds instant elegance and sophistication to your table settings. Choose taffeta tablecloths with a bold color for a dramatic impact, or stick with classic white or ivory for a timeless look.

Taffeta Tablecloth 120" Round - Baby Blue

Table Runners and Overlays

Looking for a subtle addition to your table setting that can make a big difference? Add them as a table overlay or a table runner. You can use a contrasting color for a pop, or match it to your tablecloth for a more unified look.

Taffeta Table Overlay Topper 72"x72" Square - Navy Blue

Chair Covers

Transform ordinary chairs with beautiful chair sashes or full chair covers made from taffeta. The fabric's stiffness creates clean lines and sharp folds, adding a touch of formality to your seating arrangements.

Taffeta Universal Self Tie Chair Cover - Ivory


Crisp taffeta napkins elevate the dining experience and add a touch of sophistication. They come in a variety of colors to match your theme. Some taffeta napkins even have a subtle shimmer to coordinate with your other linens.

Taffeta Napkin 20"x20" - Coral

Drapes & Backdrops

Taffeta's ability to drape beautifully makes it perfect for creating dramatic backdrops for your photo booth, stage, or head table. You can use long panels of taffeta to create a flowing, luxurious look, or experiment with different folds and gathers to add visual interest.

Accordion Crinkle Taffeta 10ft H x 54" W Drape/Backdrop Panel - Red

Taffeta isn't your average event linen – it's a statement piece that can transform your party decor from ordinary to unforgettable! We've explored how this luxurious fabric with its built-in shimmer and ability to hold its shape creates stunning tablecloths, dramatic drapes, and elegant chair covers.

Remember, the key is to choose taffeta that complements your overall theme and consider factors like color, scale, and desired level of drama. Don't be afraid to get creative – mix taffeta with other textures like lace or velvet, or use bold colors and statement pieces to make a lasting impression.

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Taffeta Napkin 20"x20" - Lavender
Taffeta Tablecloth 120" Round - Champagne
Taffeta Universal Self Tie Chair Cover - Blush/Rose Gold

Taffeta Napkin 20x20


Taffeta Universal Self Tie Chair Cover


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