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Why is Guest Experience a Top Priority in Events Styling?

Guest experience is a term used to describe the overall experience of an attendee at an event, and not to be confused with customer service. Good customer service takes the customer's needs into account and makes sure that they are happy with the event.

For event planners, making guests a top priority means thinking of ways on how to create an experience that is unique to the guest of honor and the guests. This can be done by improving sight lines for visual appeal, creating the perfect atmosphere with music and event lighting, providing amenities in restrooms, and more. In addition, styling also has a lot to do with providing guests with a spectacular and memorable experience.

How do we improve guest experience?

  1. Bathroom Amenities -  Ensure that the restrooms are clean and well-stocked with essentials, soap, and hand towels. A party or wedding bathroom basket is also a great addition. Fill the basket with essentials like mints, gum, band-aids, safety pins, floss, and stain remover pens. These are a few essentials that could help avoid or remedy emergencies guests may have during the event.
  2. Improve Sight Lines - Visual appeal is not just about pretty event decor, it's about all guests being able to enjoy the event. If possible, try to ensure that all of your guests can see what’s going on during the event—not just those who are sitting at the front of the room. This will help keep everyone engaged in what’s happening onstage and allow guests who may not be able to see over taller guests to feel included in what's happening at the event too. Choosing the right centerpieces is also crucial in improving sight lines.
  3. Assorted Food and Drink Ideas - Assorted appetizers and signature drinks make for a great event experience. Some event planners go further by keeping dietary restrictions and nutritional preferences in mind, especially if there are guests who have food allergies or don't eat certain food groups.

Why is guest experience important?

The guest experience is one of the most important aspects of event planning and styling. It's about making sure that your guests are happy and comfortable, and feel welcome.

Decorations are a great way to enhance your event's styling. They can make the venue more interesting, visually appealing and comfortable, as well as adding an element of surprise and intrigue. For example, you may think of a white tablecloth as a plain and simple table fabric, but really, it helps put the styling of the venue together, and makes sure that guests sit on clean and stylish tables well complemented with decorations.

What are some decor ideas that will improve guest experience?

Decorations will help improve the overall look and feel of the celebration. Here are some ideas on making the guests’ experience spectacular with styling and event decors.

Event Draping Backdrops instantly upgrade any indoor or outdoor venue, whether you are having a daytime or evening celebration. They provide depth and texture to the space, and are definitely pleasing to the eyes. Draping backdrop designs having a daytime or evening celebration, so it’s crucial to choose the right curtain colors and materials that will suit your theme. Complete your backdrop design with these pipe and drape kits and floral backdrop arrangements.

Another popular decorating choice is Spandex 4-Way stretch linens. These stretch fabrics are durable and versatile, and they are available in Stretch Drape Curtains, Spandex Table Linens and more. CV Linens also provides a variety of colors and designs so there is always a style for you, whether it’s a formal evening event or a summer barbecue picnic. Guests will love the clean and pristine look of spandex stretch fabrics. For event stylists, drapes are also your best friend because they are easy to pleat and swag, and are also easy to clean and store.

Table centerpieces and buffet set-ups are some of the first things guests notice during an event because they are seated during the event, and only move around to dance on the dancefloor or line up for food. They will most definitely notice the small details in the set-up so this is an opportunity for the host and stylists to make them feel comfortable and extra special.

You may personalize your tables with their names and a few giveaways, but classy, stylish centerpieces are enough to make them feel warm and invited during the event. Make sure centerpieces are the right size so guests are still able to see each other, and the table setting is complete. Don't limit buffet set-ups to food! Use these trendy Cylinder Pedestal Display Stands for desserts and pastries. Personalize the decor with small event details like memorable photos or the guest of honor’s favorite quotes.

If you are a host planning and styling your own party on a budget, always remember to focus on the guest experience, not the guest size. Invite only your closest friends and relatives and make sure that the night is worth remembering.

For event stylists, decorations can also be used to create a more welcoming atmosphere and make attendees feel at home. This is also an opportunity to let them make wonderful memories with the celebrants, especially for hallmark celebrations like weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries. A little creativity and a lot of heart will surely make your guests feel welcome with warmth and excitement. 

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