Black Linen Napkins

Black Linen Napkins Collection

Do you want to add a subtle yet elegant piece to your event’s table setup? Choose black linen napkins.

Elevate your table arrangement without going overboard with subtle and graceful napkins. Black linen napkins can be integrated into various events, from upscale galas to intimate gatherings.

Add linen table napkins to your special events and learn inventive ways to decorate your special day. 

Wide Variety of Choices

We offer an assortment of black linen napkins to give you more options. Our collection features napkins that can fit into any event.

Classic black linen napkins are an excellent choice as they can be used for a wide variety of events. Linen napkins, like our black velvet napkins, pair well with any table decor. From formal dinners to weddings, they won’t look out of place. 

Black linen cocktail napkins, like our black lamour satin napkin, are perfect for upscale cocktail parties. These napkins add a touch of elegance when placed for hors d'oeuvres and at drinking stations.

If you’re planning your party on a tight budget, we offer black linen napkin sets that are a perfect choice. Enjoy luxurious quality linens without breaking your budget. Perfect for large-scale events like corporate gatherings or birthday parties. Our black scuba napkins come in a pack of five pieces so you get the most out of your purchase.

Maintenance and Care

An advantage of linen napkins is their low cost and are reusable. With proper care and maintenance, they can last you a very long time. Wondering how to wash linen napkins or how to fold linen napkins? Care and maintenance for these napkins are a simple task. 

To properly wash linen napkins, machine wash the napkins in cool water for 5 to 8 minutes. Once done dry on low-medium tumble. To finish you can iron or steam, on medium or high heat. Fold and store in a dry and cool area to ensure a longer shelf life.

Once stored, they’re ready to go for your next event. Caring for these linen napkins are a breeze which is another reason to get them.

Decorating Tips Using Our Black Linen Napkins Collection

Here are some design tips you can use to complement black linen napkins for your event. For formal settings, pair black linen napkins with white or metallic tablecloths like glitz sequin tablecloths. Finish with napkins rings to enhance the decor.

For themed events, use black tablecloths for a coordinated look. For a more contrasted aesthetic you can opt for white tablecloths. Gold tablecloths also provide a chic aesthetic when paired with black table napkins.

For upscale events such as cocktail parties, arrange cocktail napkins on serving trays and at drink stations for a classy feel to your event. For an added touch, you can opt for black and white linen napkins

Elevate your Party Decor with CV Linens™

Add these design pieces to your decorations for a neat finish to your event’s decor. Pair black linen napkins with black tablecloths for a coordinated look. To add a contrasting and striking effect to your decor opt for bold colors like red or navy blue. 

Table runners complement linen napkins by adding depth to your table setup. Opt for patterned designs for a flowing aesthetic to your table arrangement.

Centerpieces serve as a visual focal point to your table setup. Opt for floral arrangements or candelabras, to center your table arrangement and complement your linen napkins.

Mix and match with only the best decor pieces at CV Linens™. Get top-quality design pieces at super affordable prices. You can also order in bulk and get free shipping. Explore our linen napkin collections and other decor pieces now!

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