Black Linen Napkins

Create a trendy and elegant place setting with the black linen napkins from CV Linens! Our black linen napkins are made from absorbent and easy to care for materials that makes them versatile to be used in many different ways and events styles. Our large selection of black linen napkins is versatile enough to be used at restaurants, simple family gatherings or elegant special occasions. Whether your event is taking place indoors or outdoors, our linen napkins will easily elevate the look of place settings at weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, and many more events!

Although the main purpose of a napkin is to help with accidental spills or wiping away unwanted food particles on one’s face and hands, a napkin does much more than that! Choosing the perfect napkin for your event tables will help add another layer of sophistication to your table decor. Black napkins are perfect for black tie or elegant celebrations where you will be showcasing your finest dinnerware. Whether you create a pocket napkin fold to hold your cutlery or simply place your folded napkin over an elegant charger plate, black linen napkins will be sure to draw attention to the rest of your table decor!

At CV Linens, we offer our black linen napkins in a variety of materials to achieve any desired look you wish to create! Stunning napkins folds can easily be created with our most popular and commonly used polyester napkins. Available in 17”x17” and 20”x20”, polyester napkins offer great absorbency and durability. To provide your guest with a smoother texture to the touch, opt for our 20”x20” soft matte lamour napkins or silky satin napkins. If your napkin will be used for décor purposes only, be sure to incorporate our glamorous glitz sequin or our trendy velvet napkins! 

In addition to our solid black linen napkins, we offer an assortment of patterns so you can dress up your tabletops with style. To add some texture to your solid tablecloths, check out our patterns like accordion crinkle, damask, pintuck, or sequin embroidery. These patterns are mostly used for décor purposes only and the wow factor they provide will not disappoint! For extraordinary black and white looks, you can incorporate our gingham checkered, chevron, polka dot or stripe patterns. Let your imagination and your creativeness design the tabletop decor of your dreams!

The black linen napkins from CV Linens are reusable and available at low wholesale prices! This allows you to bring the wedding or special occasion of your dreams to come to life while you stay in budget. Linen napkins are the best investment whether you purchase only as many as you need or make bulk orders to be prepared for any events in the near future without breaking your budget. As an added bonus, the setup for each event will be easier since most of these materials only require minimal preparation and they can easily be stored until they are next use!

Once you find your perfect napkin, be sure to add a napkin or charger plate to your table to enhance your place setting. To complete your fantastic tablescape look be sure to find coordinating Glitz Sequin Table Runners, Polyester Tablecloths, or Glitz Sequin Drape/Backdrop Panel from CV Linens!

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