Cow Print Event Linens

Let your decor go Safari wild with our Cow Satin Tablecloths! Create eye-catching tablescapes for your wedding, baby shower, birthday celebrations, and more with these cow print tablecloths. 

A tablecloth with a cow print is a stylish piece of cloth that protects and covers a table. As the name implies, this tablecloth is adorned with a pattern of repeating black and white cow spots, giving it a fun and humorous appearance. 

Here are a few reasons for buying a cow print tablecloth.

Why Choose Our Cow Print Tablecloth?

The cow print table cover is ideal for those who want to add a fun and humorous touch to their event or home decor. The black-and-white cow print's eye-catching, fun, and quirky design is sure to draw attention and lend a humorous touch to any setting. 

Another important quality of the tablecloth with the cow print is its adaptability. This tablecloth can be utilized for various events, such as birthday celebrations, baby showers, and gatherings with a farm theme. 

It can also be used in home decor to provide a kitchen or dining area with flair and charm like cow print table runners. Each animal print tablecloth is made from beautiful shining satin printed with a bold Cow pattern, perfect for adding color and pizzaz to your special day! 

Its material is made from 100% Polyester (spun to look and feels like satin). Satin is a versatile fabric that can be paired with any other solid or textured fabric and still maintain a cohesive look. It also has a surged finished edge. 

The cow print round tablecloth is approx. 120" round diameter w/one small seam on the side regarding size. With a drop size of  120" Tablecloth over a 60" Round Table (standard 30" table height) will touch the floor. 

And a 120" Tablecloth over a 72" Round Table (standard 30" table height) will hang 6" above the floor. To maintain its quality, it is advisable to machine washable & cool dry. 

Our Cow Print Tablecloth Collection

The cow print tablecloth  is not  a common type of table cover. It will surely give uniqueness that sets them apart from other tablecloth patterns. It's design will stand out to any event because of the attractive appearance and durability. 

Durability is another quality that sets cow print tablecloths apart. These tablecloths are an excellent option for frequent usage because they are often relatively strong and long-lasting. Additionally, cow print tablecloths are simple to clean, making them useful for indoor and outdoor events.

Here are some examples of our durable cow print fabric tablecloth collection:

You can also choose to mix match colors and patterns. Try using our gingham tablecloth and mint green tablecloth for a more catchy safari theme. Or match it with black polyester tablecloth and economy polyester tablecloths for a more stunning setting of your tables using cow print vinyl tablecloth or polyester. 

Get It Now!

You can order cow print tablecloth roll and other party supplies in bulk or decoration needs from CV Linens. CV Linens offers reliable and prompt delivery services and shipping options so you can be sure to get your event decorations on time.

We also offer free shipping for bulk orders above $99. We assure you that we provide premium quality products and great deals like wholesale tablecloths.

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