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Cow Animal Print Spandex Cocktail Table Cover 30" Round

Cow Animal Print Spandex Cocktail Table Cover 30" Round

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Color: black
Size: 30 in.
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Cow Animal Print Spandex Cocktail Table Cover 30" Round

Give your tables a western touch with our Cow Animal Print Spandex Cocktail Table Cover 30" Round. This fitted table cover features an all-over spotted cowhide print in a black-and-white color palette. 

Let loose your wild side and give your highboy tables a moo-rvelous makeover for cocktail hour. This spandex cow print tablecloth for a round cocktail table is a charming design for cowboy, wild west, barnyard, country style, ranch, or farm-themed parties, or simply to give your cocktail tables a unique style and stir conversations.

Why Choose Cow Animal Print Spandex Cocktail Table Cover 30”?

Features, Benefits & Attributes Of A Cow Print Table Cover

The 30” cocktail tables with 42” heights are ingeniously designed for various occasions, particularly suited for farm, zoo, or animal-themed parties, adding a whimsical touch to any event. Featuring four reinforced leg pockets, these tables ensure stability and security for the tablecloth, even amidst windy outdoor conditions, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience for hosts and guests alike.

Completing the thematic ambiance are matching cow animal print event linens, comprising napkins, overlays, chair sashes, bands, and drapes, which effortlessly coordinate with the tables, creating a cohesive and visually captivating environment. Furthermore, care instructions for these linens are straightforward, allowing for easy maintenance: machine wash in cold or warm water, and either machine dry on low heat or simply hang to dry, ensuring longevity and convenience.

For those seeking alternative options to suit different themes, a range of other animal print linens is also available, catering to jungle and safari-themed parties, thereby offering versatility and flexibility in event decor choices. Whether it's an outdoor gathering or an indoor celebration, these meticulously crafted linens and tables provide both functionality and style, elevating the overall ambiance and ensuring a memorable experience for hosts and guests alike.

Cow Animal Print Spandex Cocktail Table Cover FAQ

Q: How do I keep my cow print table linens from blowing away?

A: Our stretch spandex cocktail covers are designed with built-in, reinforced leg pockets to hold the cover in place. Simply tuck each leg of the table into the four leg pockets and the tablecloth will remain in place. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Q: Is spandex easy to work with for event planning?

A: Spandex highboy table covers are so easy to work with and create a new style that can transform your party presentation. Spandex is a very practical event linen because it is wrinkle-resistant, and provides a polished, pulled-together look in minutes.

Cow Print Spandex Cocktail Table Cover Decor Inspiration & Style Tips

Spandex-fitted tablecloths look great by themselves but can be easily dressed up. Add a sash at the base for a sleek cinched look, apply a coordinating spandex table cap topper for an eye-catching appeal, or focus on accessories by using simple centerpieces like a cluster of candles, lantern, floral arrangement, or other elements that complement your theme. 

Here are other options you might want to consider when pulling off this cute event theme:

1. Rustic Theme

Add a touch of rustic charm to your party tables with our cow print tablecloth fabric. Made from high-quality materials, these tablecloths feature an all-over spotted cowhide print in a classic black-and-white color palette.

For your cocktail tables, add a stylish makeover with our spandex cover for cocktail tables. Designed to fit 30” round tables with 42” heights, these covers feature reinforced leg pockets for stability, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

2. Animal Print Table Linens

Coordinate your table decor with our animal print table linens. From napkins to overlays, chair sashes, bands, and drapes, we have everything you need to create a cohesive and visually captivating environment for your guests.

3. Make it a Party

Create the perfect backdrop for photos with our photo backdrop kit. Featuring a variety of animal-themed designs, our kits include everything you need to set up a professional-looking backdrop that will impress your guests.

You can also use a pipe and drape set for backdrops. Easy to assemble and customize, our sets are perfect for creating a professional-looking space for any occasion.

Complete your event’s table setup with disposable dinnerware. We offer various options that are made from high-quality materials. Our plates, cups, and utensils are durable enough to handle any meal while still being convenient to dispose of afterward.

4. Mix and Match Other Accessories

Stock up on latex balloons with our wholesale options. Available in a variety of colors and designs, our balloons are perfect for adding a pop of color to your party decor.

Save time and energy with our electric balloon pump. Perfect for inflating balloons quickly and easily, this pump is a must-have for any party planner.

Our cow print tablecloth fabric stands as the centerpiece of our animal-themed party supplies collection, offering a rustic yet charming touch to your event decor. Paired seamlessly with our spandex covers for cocktail tables and complemented by a range of coordinating animal print table linens, our selection provides everything you need to create a cohesive and visually captivating atmosphere. With hassle-free setup and high-quality materials, our products ensure that your event is not only stylish but also memorable.

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Color: Cow Animal Print

Fits: 30" round cocktail table with 42" Height.

Material: Spandex

Care Instructions: Machine wash in cold or warm water. Machine dry on low or hang to dry.