Lamour Satin 90x156" Rectangular Oblong Tablecloth

Explore The Finest ‘Lamour Satin’ Rectangular Oblong Tablecloths of All Time! 

Pick the ideal rectangular oblong tablecloth that best compliments your dining area’s design and decor. Let the party or event be a mega success with elegance covering your tables! 

Our rectangular tablecloth in oblong design is just as premium and sophisticated as our round tablecloth collection. 

Explore Our Rectangular Oblong Tablecloth Made With The Finest ‘Lamour Satin’

Presenting the most exquisite rectangular-oblong tablecloth made of “Lamour Satin”! Your table will look classy and welcoming thanks to this opulent cloth’s softness and durability, which also features a light gloss. 

We source this exquisite fabric from the finest Lamour shop of all time to make tablecloths that add a touch of elegance to your dining experience. With availability in a range of colors, our 90x156” Lamour Satin tablecloths complement any décor. 

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Shop Our Lamour Satin Oblong Tablecloths In Whatever Color You Like!

We understand that every decor is unique and so are the preferences of every single individual. To cater to diverse needs and requirements our collection of oblong tablecloths fabricated with Lamour Satin is available in a wide variety of hues and designs. 

Each color adds a different meaning to your room decor. Find out how: 

  • Our ivory and silver rectangular oblong tablecloths add peace, royalty, calmness, and sophistication to your room’s aesthetic. 
  • Give your room a bold, lively, and ‘never-before-seen’ aesthetic appeal with our black oblong tablecloths. 
  • For something traditional yet formal, go for our green and white ones. Check our gold oblong tablecloth to save something for special occasions. 

So, wouldn’t you agree that we have a dynamic color selection for events, including weddings, banquets, dinners, restaurants, and celebrations, right?

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