Lighted Large Foam Flower Wall Decors

Create a gallery-worthy backdrop display with our Lighted Large Foam Flower Wall Decors! The perfect addition to any special event, these 3D light-up flower heads create the perfect custom touch to dress up your dessert table, create an elegant wedding background, or decorate a fun photo booth. Perfectly lifelike, these gorgeous faux flowers boast soft, realistic curled petals of multiple layers that create a beautiful and full appearance. The back row of petals features a built-in flexible wire that can be used to mold the petals as desired to further capture a natural look. These large 3D roses are available in 30 cm, 40 cm, and 50 cm sizes to suit your various decorative needs. Available in a vibrant collection of colors, you can deck out your walls or other DIY decor projects in a fun, fresh, and creative way by mixing and matching tones. Providing an illuminative appearance, these large foam wall flowers contain LED lights that bring a unique style to complement any decor. Featuring a small, clear on/off battery switch concealed behind the petals, this battery-operated flower is energy-saving and includes the two CR2032 3V batteries needed to run the lights. Ready to decorate, you'll find these flower heads are fitted along the back with a foam disk with wire hoops for easy installation. Offering abundant beauty and texture, these realistic foam roses are sturdy and lightweight and replicate the look and feel of silk flowers in a soft-to-the-touch feel.

These large foam flowers wholesale are the perfect touch to create a backdrop collage for a feature wall or photo booth backdrop. They also offer an artful way to cover up any sore spots at your venue. There are many great DIY craft projects you can do with these light-up foam flowers. Work your crafty magic and create a bold flower table runner; adorn your chair back covers with floral flair; grab the glue gun and give your initial letters a garden-fresh aesthetic; use to decorate a wedding arch; arrange an elegant bouquet, or think outside the box and hang the flowers from the ceiling in a romantic or whimsical design. These jumbo blossoms look beautiful on their own, yet they are great when paired with any wall panels or drape panels to give a more customized look with enhanced dimension. Elevate your photos and add depth to your DIY craft and party decorations with these specially designed foam flower light-up embellishments. Offering sophistication on a grand scale, these foam blossoms are the best choice for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, engagement parties, and quinceaneras. More than just for event use, these perfectly pretty flowers are also lovely for nursery room decor projects as a feature wall behind a rocking chair or as home decor accents like a focal point above a fireplace. If you are looking for the same elegance and impact, but without the LED effect, we also offer non-lighted foam roses. Whether shopping for foam flowers to decorate your venue from head to toe or imbue a special effect to a small aspect of your special day, these lighted foam flowers will do the job in style!

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