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Quick Tips on How to Create a Stunning Dessert Table

Dessert Tables on Display

Dessert tables aren’t merely a place to put your cake and treats; they’re often the central decorative statement for a variety of special occasions.

No matter how easy the pros make it look a well constructed dessert table doesn’t happen without a little planning. Whether you’re a DIY bride or a new player in the event industry, we are going to give you quick tips and tricks of the trade so you can create a top of the line dessert table every time!

Before You Begin

A lovely Dessert Table begins with coordinating your color palette and gathering all of the supplies you will need. Not having enough Table Skirt Clips or having drapery too short for your Pipe Set would be a disaster on the day of your event, so you’ll need to order ahead and do a test run to see if you have everything for the look you’re after. Once you have everything you need, ensure all of your linens and drapes are ironed and steamed to look their best.

What You’ll Need and Must-Have Items:

Pipe Set

Optional Items

Table Overlays
Table Runners
Table Skirts (with Table Skirt Clips)

Putting Your Dessert Table Together

Once you have your basic tablescape set up you’ll need to add the treats to your table. This is often the part that people get caught up on, but we’ve created a handy chart for full-proof set up! It’s not the only way to set up desserts on your table, but it is a good base to follow.

Cake The central point of a dessert table should always be the largest treat on the table – in most cases this will be the cake!
Candies, Mints, & Nuts The best way to arrange your candies and pastries is according to height, place your nuts, candies, Jordan Almonds, or mints in short candy dishes in the front of your table.
Cookies, Pastries, & Brownies Place cookies, petit fours, donuts, or other flat pastries on a tray on opposite side of the table to keep things balanced.
Cake Pops & Tall Treats Use elevated plates or pedestal trays behind the first row of trays. Fill the raised trays with Cupcakes, Marshmallows on a stick and Cake Pops. Taller items are fantastic for adding height and interest to your Dessert Table!

Finishing Up

By sticking to your color palette, beginning with freshly ironed/steamed linens and drapes, and following the placement diagram above, you can ensure dessert table perfection!

Need help getting started? Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss color palettes, fabrics, and drapes while staying within your budget.

Turquoise Satin Dessert Table

We went for a turquoise satin look with silver sequin and rhinestone accents for our photoshoot. If you would like to recreate the turquoise satin dessert table from our photos here is a list of items!

Let’s See Your Photos!

Whether it’s for a large wedding or a small party, we’d love to see the next dessert table you set up! Feel free to share your photos on our Facebook wall or send us a Direct Message via Instagram with them.

Here are a few recent CV Customer Creations to take some inspiration from:


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