Sheer Voile 14ft H x 118" W drape/backdrop

Magical Ambiance: Create an Enchanting Atmosphere with Sheer Voile Drape/Backdrop

Looking for stylish curtains for your home? Our Sheer Voile collection, available in gorgeous hues, is perfect for amping up your space. The sheer drape/backdrop can make your home look more appealing and impress guests in a jiffy. Explore the collection of Sheer Voile Flame Retardants now!

Why Buy Sheer Voile Drape/Backdrop

  • Superior Quality: Our Sheer Voile Fabric is of top-notch quality. Whether you use our Sheer Voile Panels as curtains or backdrops, the materials will provide adequate privacy. 
  • Affordable Pricing: Our 14ft H x 118” are available at affordable prices. Our sheer curtains collection ensures that decorating your home won’t create a huge hole in your pocket. 

Features and Benefits of Sheer Voile Drape/Backdrop

  • Color: We present our range of sheer voile curtains in a wide range of shades, from white and ivory to navy blue, purple, black, royal blue, pink, lavender, red, and yellow.
  • Size: Our sheer voile curtains have a width of 14 feet and a height of 118 feet. 
  • Flexible payments: When you buy sheer voile curtains from us, you can make flexible payments with zero-cost EMIs. 

Sheer Voile Drape/Backdrop FAQs:

Are net curtains the same as sheer voile curtains?

Net curtains are usually knitted with coarse yarn. But the sheer voile drape/backdrop curtain panel is woven with a finer and more robust fabric. 

Do sheer curtains for decoration compromise privacy?

Most sheer curtains for decoration enable you to see the outside through them. However, they also ensure a certain level of privacy that safeguards you and your home from the outside world. 

What fabric is used to make sheer voile curtains?

Sheer voile curtains are made from soft fabric with a blend of cotton and linen or polyester. The lightweight of sheer voile makes them perfect for soft furnishing.
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