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Plain Round 13" Charger Plates - Gold

Plain Round 13" Charger Plates - Gold

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Color: gold
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Table setting is an art, and turning your artistic vision into reality requires tools. You will need a tablecloth, dinner plates, soup bowls, salad forks, butter knives, spoons, glasses, napkins, and charger plates.

If you are going for an expensive, formal table setting, CV Linens carries 13 inch Gold Charger Plates. The color of these Acrylic Charger Plates alone can inspire various table setups, create a statement, and match equally luxurious-feeling table elements.

The Proper Way to Set the Table with a 13 Inch Gold Charger Plates

If you want a symmetrical formal table setting, use a measuring tape. Chargers should be equally distanced from one another. Whether placing the first or last one on each side of the table, ensure they don't hang over the edge of the table. Move the charger plates half an inch in from the edge, or more, based on the final setup you have in mind.

There are no set rules or formal etiquette on distancing chargers from the rest of the elements. But a rule of thumb is not to make people feel like their chargers are too far from them during mealtime. They should not need to pull the charger plates toward them when they eat.

Chargers can sit at the proper distance from you, and then you can complete the look with the napkins to the left, right, or middle. All the silverware should be in the order of the meals being served and sit at an equal distance from one another. This gives off a glorious mirror effect throughout the table.

More Tips on using Charger Plates

Create a proper combination with the other elements of table settings and unify everything starting with a Plain Gold Charger Plate. You can buy single plates or charger plates bulk for large gatherings.

Cover the table with a tablecloth closely matching your charger plates or party theme. Make sure each guest has a charger, at the same distance from each other, from the center, and the edge of the table.

Place a dinner plate over the center of the charger during a meal as serving plates are intended for decoration purposes. But if you want to serve salad or soup first, put the bowl over the dinner plate. Artistically folded napkins will be an excellent finishing touch on each plate. An alternative would be to use napkin rings, all of which you can find here at CV Linens.

After serving the salad or soup, remove the soup bowl. Serve the entree and wait for everyone to finish eating. Once done, clear away the 13 inch Gold Charger Plates with the dinner plate still on them. It prepares the table for the desserts. As etiquette dictates, you must remove charger plates before serving desserts.

Shop with us

These pointers are easier to use if you shop for Gold Round Charger Plates here at CV Linens. There is no order minimum and we sell them in bulk by 24 pieces per case, or you can start small by buying them per piece. Polish your table setting skills with a few plates for family dining tables, small events, or large quantities enough for a large wedding reception table.

CV Linens carries charger plates in one solid gold color, trim color accents, and different accents but they all look fabulous as they are. Using gold chargers is an easy way to turn a table into a modern and chic one. A small formal dinner may feel like a dinner at a five-star restaurant if you set the table right.

Instead of glass chargers, you can enjoy our less delicate acrylic chargers. They still look as classy as glass charger plates, especially with their eye-catching gold color. Suppose you are buying chargers for big parties and looking forward to using them repeatedly in the future, acrylic chargers are a good choice. Acrylic is known for its excellent weathering properties, durability, and lightweight.

Are you looking to buy 13 inch Gold Charger Plates as party supplies? Use the tips mentioned above to set tables properly with chargers. Aside from completing elegant place settings with charger plates, disposable plastic plates, cutlery, napkins, and napkin rings, you can even get your event supply shopping done at once because we also have tablecloths, centerpieces, backdrops, draping, and more. Check out CV Linens today!

Price shown is per single charger plate. Sold by single piece or by case of 24 pcs only.

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Color: Gold

Condition: Brand New

Material: Acrylic

Outer Diameter: 13"

Inner Diameter: 8"

Important: For decoration purposes only. No direct food contact. Not dishwasher friendly.