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40ft Ceiling/Curtain Draping Sheer Voile Flame Retardant (FR) - White

40ft Ceiling/Curtain Draping Sheer Voile Flame Retardant (FR) - White

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Color: white
Size: 40 ft
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Once you've decided on your venue, you may be wondering about ways to turn it into a beautiful and unique party space. Whether applying a section of pipe and drape for a photography backdrop, draping walls for a romantic scene, or installing an elegant ceiling treatment, our 40ft Ceiling Draping Sheer Voile Flame Retardant (FR) will make your special day one to remember!

Event decorations are not only pretty, but they also help establish the theme and help tell a story. When it comes to the ceiling decor, drapery is a wonderful aspect of the design process that provides that extra layer of elegance to any blank canvas venue. Draping is such a versatile way to plan your indoor or outdoor reception that provides a focal point or accent for anything from arches, arbors, and ceilings, to a wedding gazebo or tent, and even serves to cleverly conceal a hall's unattractive features. Drape this sheer voile fabric from a floor-to-ceiling window for flowing curtains. For aerial decor, try a braided zigzag pattern, hang maypole-style, gracefully drape in a scalloped design, or go for the canopied look. From enchanting them with florals and garlands to coordinating with shimmery adornments like fairy lights, terrariums, or other meaningful hanging trinkets, you can dress up your event draping for an even more personalized aesthetic.

Our sheer swaging and draping fabric is 118 inches wide by 40 feet long and includes 4" top and bottom pockets for easy installation. The lightweight material is perfect to use with ceiling draping hoop kits to transform any event ceiling. They look absolutely enchanting when used as in a single color but they can also be coordinated with different colored or complementing panels for a luxurious layered effect. The result they impart is an ethereal beauty that also filters outside light for a softly lit ambiance at your outdoor venue. Try out your own decor ideas with our lovely wholesale voile ceiling drape!

For smaller areas of your event space, browse our backdrop collection. We are sure you will find a stunning drape to match your event's theme!

Each quantity ordered contains only ONE drape panel.

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Color: White

Quantity: 1 pc

Dimension: Approx. 40 Foot Length x 118" Width

Pockets: 4" Top and Bottom

Material: 100% Polyester

Opacity: Approx. 10% to 30%

The opacity percentage is an estimate only. There could be other environmental factors that could affect the opacity of the fabric such as sunlight, the brightness of the room, and the fullness of the fabric. The current opacity is under normal lighting.