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Artificial Italian Ruscus Greenery Garland

Artificial Italian Ruscus Greenery Garland

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Color: green
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The realistic and romantic touch of our Artificial Italian Ruscus Greenery Garland will infuse lush color and naturalistic texture into your event design. Ruscus garland is widely used as greenery decorations for various events as well as for home use. The simple leaves and rich color of this lifelike artificial greenery garland are the perfect complements to all decor ideas from centerpieces to trimming your mantle, and it's great for all seasons!

Why Choose Artificial Italian Ruscus Greenery Garland?

Features, Benefits & Attributes:

  • 2.5” Leaves
  • 48 clusters of 6 leaves
  • 6ft long garland can be used as a wedding table runner or garland
  • Dress up with flowers,candles, or other faux greenery garlands

Artificial Italian Ruscus Greenery Garland FAQ

Q: What is the difference between Italian Ruscus and Israeli Ruscus?

A: The Israeli Ruscus is shorter with wider leaves, while the Italian Ruscus is a thinner vine with smaller, but more feather-shaped lateral leaves.

Q: Does the Italian Ruscus hold any significant meaning?

A: Italian Ruscus is popular in weddings with it symbolizing thoughtfulness and humility, which is a perfect foundation to complement the happy couple's vows.

Decor Inspiration & Style Tips

An artificial Italian Ruscus leaf garland beholds a lifelike character with a soft, elegant look that translates to both boho and contemporary aesthetics. Add depth and dimension to your DIY photo booth, place the garland with your table centerpieces, drape it over a window or doorway, or place it along the aisle as a natural aisle runner or pew decoration. Give a dramatic yet romantic feel to any space by wrapping around pillars, banisters, railings, or draping over fencing.

The perfect woodland feel is achieved by using this Ruscus garland for your outdoor events or tent receptions. Easy to use and style, this faux foliage garland offers an upscale, trendy appeal with stunning realistic color and form. This leafy green garland truly looks beautiful on its own but adding flowers or coordinating with other greenery can also achieve a personalized look with added depth and dimension.

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Material: Artificial Italian Ruscus Greenery

Length: Approx. 6ft L

Color: Green

Leaf Size: Approx. 2.5"

Total Leaves: Approx. 288 (48 stems of 6 leaves)