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10ft Tall Break Apart Upright (2pcs/set)

10ft Tall Break Apart Upright (2pcs/set)

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Our 10ft Tall Break Apart Upright (2pcs/set) is essential to create a top-notch pipe professional backdrop setting. Ideal for industry trade show professionals, these uprights break apart to create two pieces for easy transportation and setup.

The quality is industrial grade for use in photography and backdrop setups for events and trade shows. If you're looking for a convenient and portable backdrop upright option for parties or trade shows, this upright is an excellent choice. It allows you to maintain your desired 10ft height while offering the convenience of compact storage and easy transport.

High Quality 10ft Tall Break Apart Upright Specs

  • This 10-foot-tall upright set comes with 2 break-apart uprights
  • Each upright quickly assembles to a 10ft height
  • Each upright has two convenient slots for crossbars located at 3ft and 10ft heights
  • Each set Includes:
    • 2- 4" Pins
    • 2- 63” Top Upright Pieces
    • 2- 63” Bottom Uprights Pieces

Easy-To-Use Design

  • This set of uprights features two 63” tall top upright pieces and two 63” tall bottom upright pieces that connect to create a 10-foot tall upright.
  • Designed for repeated use, these uprights are lightweight for easy setup, breakdown down, and transportation.
  • Perfect for when you cannot easily transport or store one-piece fixed uprights.
  • Crossbars can be added at 3ft and 10ft height.
  • Add an elegant touch to the finished look using an upright pole cover that provides a fresh and cohesive style for your events and shows.
  • Combine 10ft break apart and 3ft fixed uprights to create trade show setups: single booth, back to back booth, in-line booths

FAQ Info:

Q: How do you set up a trade show booth?

A: To set up a basic backdrop set, you will need two bases, two uprights, and a crossbar. If you plan to create a vendor booth setup, you can also add 3ft uprights.

Q: How do I attract visitors to my booth?

A: Banners and bright colored drapes will attract visitors to your convention booth. If you have enough space at your booth, set up some chairs (chair covers will allow you to coordinate with your business colors). To make your booth stand out, there are several tactics you can try. These include offering complimentary snacks or bottled water that feature your business information, hanging overhead displays above your booth to attract attention from a distance, incorporating fun or intimate/cozy lighting to create an inviting atmosphere, and hosting a contest to engage attendees.

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Quantity: 2 Pcs Break Apart 10 ft Upright Set

Set Includes:

  • 2- 6" Pins
  • 2 Top Upright Pieces
  • 2 Bottom Uprights Pieces

Assembled Height: 10 Feet

Crossbar Slot Heights: 3 Feet and 10 Feet

Break Apart Upright Dimensions:

  • Top Uprights: 63"
  • Bottom Uprights: 63"
  • Upright Diameter: 1.5" Diameter

Break Apart Upright Pin Dimensions:

  • Pin Height: 6"
  • Pin Diameter: 1.25" Diameter

Crossbars and bases are sold separately. Pins are located inside the bottom uprights.