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Cheesecloth Gauze Linen Napkin 20"x20" (5pc/pk) - Champagne

Cheesecloth Gauze Linen Napkin 20"x20" (5pc/pk) - Champagne

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Color: champagne
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Cheesecloth napkins can be used beyond being a beautiful backdrop for food photography and cooking. They are also perfect for weddings, holiday dinners, and other special occasions. You can use cheesecloth gauze linen napkin 20”x20” in champagne for various events, especially those aiming for a boho-chic appeal. If you foresee events with the theme, you might want to buy cheesecloth event linens in bulk at CV Linens and get them at wholesale prices.

What Are Cheesecloth Napkins? 

Cheesecloth is a cotton gauze fabric made of lightweight material with an open texture, so cheesecloth and gauze refer to the same thing. It is mainly used for preparing food, such as draining and wrapping curds when making cheese. Now, cheesecloth is used as a decorative tool in table settings instead of being limited to its original culinary application. 

If you are new to using gauze linens, you might wonder if you can really use cheesecloth for napkins. The answer is yes, you certainly can. Cheesecloth is an excellent option for a casual, rustic look for your events. It is perfect for a more natural and relaxed table setting. 

What To Expect From A Cheesecloth Gauze Linen Napkin 20”X20” In Champagne

If you shop for wholesale cheesecloth napkins, particularly their 20”x20” variety, here at CV Linens, you can find most of them in five pieces per pack. They have unfinished edges, making them look rustic and natural. 

At 20”x20”, the cheesecloth linen napkins are the perfect size for decorating the center of the plate. You can fold them like you would traditional napkins and elevate how your table setting looks. The soft material can complement your boho-chic theme perfectly. Imagine how great they will look for a client’s farmhouse wedding or a country holiday dinner. 

Our cheesecloth napkins wedding decor are soft and smooth, making them easy to fold into any shape you like that suits your theme. They do not have to lay flat on the plates when you can work wonders by shaping them up into any theme-related figure.

Given the popularity of cheesecloth in food photography, you can expect flattering photos of your table setting. Your guests will not only be treated gastronomically but visually as well.

Tips On Maintaining Cheesecloth Gauze Napkins

Cheesecloth gauze napkins seem so delicate and easily torn. However, you can buy sturdy ones from CV Linens that will not easily break after multiple uses. It would help if you know how to care for them, such as how to wash them properly. 

With proper washing techniques, hold on to your packs of cheesecloth gauze linen napkin 20”x20” in champagne from CV Linens. Use warm water and mild detergent when hand washing or machine washing these napkins. Doing so will preserve the fabric’s natural fibers and prevent shrinkage. It would be best to air-dry the napkins to keep them soft and gentle to the touch. 

If you notice stains, treat them first before washing them. Blot the stains with a stain remover, gentle detergent, or water solution. Scrubbing or rubbing the cheesecloth fabric might stretch it too much and damage the fabric. It is the same thing you would do if you find stains on event linens like tablecloths or chair covers for parties.

What To Use With Cheesecloth Linen Napkins

Buy cheesecloth napkins in bulk here at CV Linens to save money, thanks to our wholesale prices. Get them with free shipping if you buy at least $99. Make the most out of them for your events using complementary event linens and decors by following these tips: 

  • Use Neutral Tablecloths 

When you shop for cheesecloth gauze linen napkin wholesale, don’t miss out on getting cream, soft, gray, or ivory event tablecloths for sale. These are complementary linens that are ideal for a cohesive and rustic look. We have them in various shapes and materials. 

  • Go For White Roses

While the cheesecloth gauze napkins adorn the plates, don’t leave the center of the tables empty. CV Linens has white foam rose stems or silk rose bushes you can try. If you don’t want bare walls, we have LED lighted large foam roses in white. 

  • Add Some Eucalyptus

Artificial greeneries in wholesale, like our faux silver dollar Eucalyptus garland, complement the champagne cheesecloth linen napkins well. We have these greeneries in 6-foot-long varieties. Use them as accents in your floral centerpieces or table runners to highlight the rustic and organic appeal of the cheesecloth napkins. 

  • Choose Ivory Or Clear Dinnerware

Neutral-colored dinnerware makes for a sophisticated and clean look that will not take the attention away from the cheesecloth gauze napkins.

  • Pick Cream Or Sheer Ivory Drapes

Add to the elegant look of the cheesecloth gauze napkins by filling the walls and ceilings with sheer ivory or cream drapes. 

Learn how to maximize the benefits of using cheesecloth gauze linen napkin 20”x20” in champagne. Know how to use them and what other decors to complement them using the ideas above. Shop for wholesale linen napkins and other event supplies at CV Linens now.

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Color: Champagne

Quantity: 5 pc/pk

Edges: Unfinished

Dimensions: Approx. 20"x20" unstretched