Clear Plastic Hinged Ceiling Hook (10 count)

Clear Plastic Hinged Ceiling Hook (10 count)


Easily hang up your reception decor with the use of our easy on, easy off Clear Plastic Hinged Ceiling Hooks! These simple hanging hooks assure an effortless attachment to most 1" ceiling grid and the base opens and closes to form a secure support for nearly any drop ceilings. Simply attach the base to your metal grid ceilings to aid in displaying signage, banners, or other hanging decor. These clear J hook style hangers are virtually invisible so that your decor takes center stage rather than the hardware. The design is compatible with several different types of cords, chains, and hooks. These hinged hooks are available in a package of ten pieces, so stock up now for your next event.

Wedding decorations encourage that coveted magical atmosphere, and one of the best ways to build up the mood of your special day is to decorate the ceilings. There are many ways to elevate the romance and drama at your reception or party. Decorating the ceiling draws the eye upward when you have heightened ceiling space as well as helps to cover up ceilings that are more of an eyesore and tend to detract from the aesthetic of the festivities. Ceiling hooks are a great method of enhancing your mood lighting by draping fairy lights or hanging paper lanterns. They can also be used to hang bunting, faux wisteria, flower-filled parasols, balloons, and certain fabric draping. With ceiling hooks, there is no limit to the decor possibilities awaiting your special day!

Color: Clear

Condition: Brand New

Material: Plastic

Quantity: 10 pieces