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2 Crossbars with Bracket for Backdrop Stand (Add on Feature)

2 Crossbars with Bracket for Backdrop Stand (Add on Feature)

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Give your backdrops a dimensional layered look with help from our 2 Crossbars with Bracket for Backdrop Stand (Add on Feature). This handy crossbar add-on is easy to use with the 10 ft Portable Photo Backdrop Stand Kit for setting up layered double backdrop drape designs. This double crossbar can be adorned with lightweight backdrop drapes as well as other features such as printed canvas banners, balloons, signage, florals and garlands, draping beads, and more. The fullness achieved when using double-layer backdrop curtain designs is stunning and is perfect for any occasion all throughout your event, including as a ceremony backdrop, head table backdrop, stage backdrop, photo booth backdrop, and anywhere you wish to make a statement with your event decor.

Why Choose 2 Crossbars with Bracket for Backdrop Stand (Add on Feature)?

Features, Benefits & Attributes:

  • Add-on feature for the 10 ft Portable Photo Backdrop Stand Kit to create a double-layer backdrop designs
  • Easy to setup and breakdown
  • Adjustable telescopic crossbars can assemble as small as 5ft and 10ft maximum length
  • Double crossbars can be decorated with a backdrop drape and printed canvas banners, balloons, and more

2 Crossbars with Bracket for Backdrop Stand (Add on Feature) FAQ

Q: How do you make a double backdrop stand?

A: The 10 ft Portable Photo Backdrop Stand Kit features one crossbar. This backdrop crossbar pole add-in feature provides a way to give more fullness and dimension to your backdrop stand with a double crossbar.

Decor Inspiration & Style Tips

  • The backdrop decorations are one of the most important event elements and the most photographed element at any party. They add color, texture, and height to any areas of significance for a stunning first impression.
  • Layering your drapery has a powerful effect to show off your theme and colors in a high-profile way. Show off your layers by pinning back sections to reveal the drapery behind them and show off the dimensional flair and fullness of your draping display.
  • Patterns, textures, or solid fabric panels can be paired with printed banners, balloon displays, garlands, LED light backdrops, florals, and more.
  • Whether hosting a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, or wedding, using a backdrop stand with a double crossbar will transform any event for the best photography party backdrops.
  • We've put together Your Ultimate Guide to Backdrop Decorations for ideas on how to decorate your backdrops and make them stand out as a focal point.
  • Our double crossbar for backdrop stands is the perfect choice for events, photo booths, photography, and exhibition decorations to fit your budget with low wholesale prices!
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Color: Black

Material: Metal

Double Crossbar Bracket Set Includes:

  • 2x Crossbar Mounting Brackets with Wingnuts & Screws
  • 2x Adjustable Telescopic Crossbars

Mounting Bracket Size: Approx. 8.7" L X 1" W X 3.1"H

Crossbar Pole Sizes:

  • Pole A: 2x - Approx. 30" L
  • Pole B: 4x - Approx. 32" L
  • Pole D: 2x - Approx. 30" L

Crossbar Size: Approx. 5ft minimum - 10ft maximum

Crossbar Pole Assembly: Connect A+B+B+D

Compatible with the Adjustable Heavy Duty Backdrop Pipe Set Stand Kit 10 ft x 10 ft