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Large Payette Sequin Tablecloth 90"x132" Rectangular - Black

Large Payette Sequin Tablecloth 90"x132" Rectangular - Black

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Color: black
Size: 90 x 132 in.
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Large Payette Sequin Tablecloth 90”x132” Rectangular Black

Elevate the ambiance of your events with the elegant shade of black. It exudes a vibe of glamor and sophistication, adding a touch of luxury to any occasion. The deep and alluring hue symbolizes power, mystery, and formality, setting the stage for a truly captivating atmosphere.

Embrace luxury linens with our large Payette sequin tablecloth 90"x132" rectangular black! Each tablecloth features large, round, metallic Payette sequins intricately stitched onto a mesh backing. The sequins are secured from one point which gives the overall tablecloth a majestic flow. 

Picture your gathering adorned with the breathtaking effect of our black large Payette sequin tablecloths, creating a mesmerizing display. It is versatile and suits various events impeccably. From upscale gala dinners and formal weddings to chic cocktail parties, this tablecloth ensures a memorable and visually striking experience for your guests.

But that's not all, we offer more than just a black Payette sequin tablecloth. Explore our wide range of event essentials during our linen sale, where you can discover exquisite table runners and silk backdrops that complement your event's theme. Don't miss out on the chance to enhance your decor and create a memorable ambiance!

Buy Our Payette Sequin Tablecloths Now!

Transform your events into dazzling spectacles with the timeless elegance of our large Payette sequin tablecloth 90”x132” rectangular black! Made from premium large Payette sequin fabric, these tablecloths boast a glamorous design that effortlessly captures attention and adds a touch of opulence to any event.

Each tablecloth features large, round, metallic Payette sequins stitched onto a mesh background. The sequins are secured from one point, which gives them a natural flow. Perfect for bringing a dramatic flair to your wedding, New Year's bash, or any other special event, our Payette sequin runners are sure to impress!

One of the key benefits of investing in our 90 x 132 black Payette sequin tablecloth is the added texture and dimension it brings to your setting. The intricate sequin detailing creates an uplifting play of light, turning your dinner and banquet table into a dazzling focal point. The shimmer and shine add a touch of magic to any occasion.

Aside from our black tablecloth, you can also check our large Payette sequin tablecloth 90”x132” rectangular silver. This shade adds a contemporary and sleek element to your decor, making it perfect for modern-themed events, anniversaries, or New Year's celebrations.

At CV Linens, we take pride in offering Payette tablecloths that not only meet but exceed expectations. Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive glitz sequin tablecloths that bring glamor to your table settings at affordable prices. 

Styling Your Events with Black Large Payette Sequin

Elevate your event decor with the stunning allure of our large Payette sequin tablecloth 90”x132” rectangular black. To create an enchanting tablescape, pair it with complementary linens and decor from CV Linens.

To enhance the overall aesthetic, pair the black Payette sequin rectangle tablecloth with our table runners for sale. Opt for a complementary shade or a subtle pattern to add depth to your table design. The interplay between the sequins and the table runner's texture will elevate the overall look.

For a polished appearance, our spandex chair covers are an excellent choice. The sleek and modern design of these covers ensures a stylish seating arrangement for your guests. Complete the look with our linen napkins wholesale, adding a layer of refinement to each place setting. Choose a color that harmonizes with the theme, whether it's a classic white for a timeless look or a contrasting hue to make a bolder statement. 

Mix and match our Payette sequin tablecloth with our high-quality linens and decor, and create a stunning atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Let our tablecloth be the centerpiece of your design!

Shop With Us!

Transform your tables into dazzling focal points with the sassy touch of our Payette rectangular tablecloth in black. Enrich your events with this glamorous table cover, and shop smartly by choosing CV Linens for your event essentials.

Our table linens boast premium materials, designed to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Despite the luxurious quality, they come with a surprisingly affordable price tag, making them an absolute steal for those who want to make a statement.

Explore our website for a myriad of event linens and decorations that cater to various themes and color schemes. Take advantage of our discount coupons and clearance sales, offering the best event essentials from CV Linens at their lowest prices. It's an opportunity to adorn your events with top-notch decor without compromising your budget.

Don't miss out on the chance to add a touch of glamor to your celebrations. Add to your cart now and secure your own large Payette sequin tablecloth 90”x132” rectangular black. Make every moment memorable with CV Linens!

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Fabric: Sequin on Mesh Base

Color: Black

Size: 90"x132" Rectangular Seamless (rounded corners)

Sequin Size: 18mm

Care Instructions: Do not dry clean or machine wash. Wipe with a soft damp cloth.

Drop: Tablecloth will touch the floor over an 6 foot rectangular table (30" standard height)