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Polyester Square 72" Overlay/Tablecloth - Sage Green

Polyester Square 72" Overlay/Tablecloth - Sage Green

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Color: sage green
Size: 72 x 72 in.
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Polyester Square 72" Overlay/Tablecloth - Sage Green

Always wanted that understated luxurious feel for your wedding party? Looking for a tasteful touch of elegance for your celebration? Then, worry no more, we’ve got the perfect decor piece for you. Set the tone at your big event with our 72” Square Polyester Overlay in Sage Green. Top over your table setting to instantly elevate your plain white tablecloths.

Sage green, a tranquil and earthy hue, radiates a calming and organic allure. This natural color is ideal for party decor, creating an ambiance that feels serene and inviting, setting the perfect backdrop for your memorable celebration.

Why Use Polyester Square 72” Overlays

Square table overlays are a nifty match for circular, mostly plain tablecloths. It adds a much-needed accent to break the monotony. At the same time, it’s a simple and effortless trick to put contrast and depth to your tablescape without needing too many materials.

The CV Linens 72 inch table overlay is a great choice if you’re working with tables on the bigger side. You can be sure to cover the whole area with decor once you use this 72 x 72 table overlay.

Party in Style with our Table Overlays

There are many various colors available for our table overlays, depending on the motif you choose. The square polyester tablecloth of any color can be matched with other different types of linens to create a variety of looks. 

For instance, you can match a velvet tablecloth with a light-colored 72 inch square overlay. You could do it the other way around - matching a less assuming velvet cloth with a colored overlay to add a cherry on top. 

Explore a wide range of color options for your table decor. Consider using our 72 inch Navy Blue Polyester Square Overlay as an equally stylish alternative.

Most of the time, we are busy with a few other things while planning for the big day. That’s why it’s so hard to make time and put your best foot forward in the preparations.

But with the right color combinations and complementing decor, crafting a cohesive celebratory look can be a breeze. Your square table overlays can be sourced in the very sleek and neat CV Linen website alongside many other product offerings like our chair covers on sale.

Trust CV Linens with your Party Decor Needs

Looking for the perfect 72 by 72 table overlay and other decor pieces? Look no further! On the CV Linens website, you can find high-quality products that you can take a closer look at with the high-resolution photos that accompany them. 

Even before you order and have it delivered right to your doorstep swiftly and safely, you get a good feel of the product. What’s better is that from time to time, you get great deals with discounted products and bundles. Be sure to check out table runners for sale on the website to pair with your setup if you’re feeling a little bit extra.

Whatever your chosen theme is, or if you want to play with it along the way, knowing what to do with what’s available is easily the perfect method to make your table setup standout.

Aside from your 72 polyester square overlay, you can put into the mix the available linen napkins on wholesale to make the celebratory dining experience more elegant and regal. This combination makes for a premium-looking celebration decor while making sure that it does not hurt your pockets. 

Shop with CV Linens Now!

Shop for the perfect Polyester Square 72" Overlay/Tablecloth - Sage Green now! If you want more options or are interested in discounted tablecloths on sale, take your time exploring the CV Linens website. You can find a wide range of offerings, rewards, discounts, and sales when you shop with us. 

Get huge discounts when you buy in bulk with our wholesale prices. Avail of free shipping when you order above $99. That’s not all, get rewarded for shopping with our CV Linens Rewards Program. Get high-quality party decor and hassle-free shopping all at the comfort of your own home. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your computer ready, check out our best products and wait just a little bit before we deliver the best linens on the market to you. And you can be assured you get it in time for your big event.

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Color: Sage Green

Quantity: 1 pc

Condition: Brand New

Material: 100% Polyester

Dimensions: Approx. 72" square seamless

Thickness: 200 gsm (gram per square meter)