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Safety Face Shield Visor Anti-Fog (10 count)

Safety Face Shield Visor Anti-Fog (10 count)

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Stay protected with the Anti- Fog Safety Face Shields Visors from CV Linens! Each face shield is designed to protect the entire facial area, specifically the eyes, nose, and mouth. This type of face protective equipment will provide safety from splashes, dust, smoke, sprays, and much more. They are easily adjustable to provide proper head protection with a comfortable fit making them ideal for everyday use!

Each visor provides crystal clear transparency as it is equipped with double-sided anti-fog shields. With transparency and anti-fog components, they are significantly more comfortable and useful than any pair of goggles. In addition, they also offer full-face coverage, which means more protection for a larger portion of your face. Another safety feature of each face shield visor is that they are reusable after being properly disinfected. Even with full facial coverage, for added protection be sure to wear a face shield with a protective face mask.

At CV Linens, we strive to offer high-quality products and protective gear at affordable prices to help keep you safe! Protective yet very breathable since they feature a wide space in between the face and the actual shield, for your convenience we offer our face shields in packs of 10 to ensure you are always protected, prepared, and comfortable!

NOTE: Shields will arrive with a protective outer film that needs to be removed for clear transparency. All sales are final and non-returnable. These are not to be used for medical/surgical use.

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