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Satin 120" Round Tablecloth - Tropical Palm Leaf

Satin 120" Round Tablecloth - Tropical Palm Leaf

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Color: emerald green
Size: 120 in.
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Are you looking for bold summer print linens for your next events? CV Linens has a wide range of tablecloths in different shapes, designs, sizes, and materials, but our satin 120 round tablecloth tropical plain leaf is perfect for your needs. It is all decked in dark and light green tropical leaves set against a white background. If you want satin round tablecloths to match the summer tropics feel of your events, CV Linens has them. 

When To Use A Tropical Palm Leaf Tablecloth

If you are deciding whether to stock up on several pieces of tropical palm leaf tablecloth, know that you can use them for many decor ideas, including:

  • Tropical-Themed Parties

Palm leaf-designed linens and decors are perfect for summer parties, poolside events, and luaus. Thanks to their lush green foliage patterns, they are suitable for occasions that call for tropical or beachy. 

  •  Outdoor Events 

You can put tropical-themed tablecloths into good use in any outdoor event, such as garden parties, al fresco gatherings, or outdoor picnics. The palm print design looks fresh, vibrant, and festive. They also complement the event’s natural surroundings. 

  • Bridal Showers

It is easy to think of pastels or anything feminine regarding bridal showers. But if you want to host the event with a twist, why not try a Hawaiian or tropical bridal shower idea with tropical leaf tablecloth? It is totally unexpected but thoroughly refreshing. 

  • Cafes Or Restaurants 

A palm leaf table linen is ideal for a restaurant or cafe with an outdoor theme. It can easily make people feel like they are outdoors and one with nature. Seeing the different shades of green can help them relax while enjoying the food. 

  • Destination Weddings 

A tropical wedding destination would not be complete without proper tropical decor, like palm leaf linens, exotic florals and monstera party decorations.

What To Expect From Our Satin 120 Round Tablecloth Tropical Palm Leaf 

Classy, elegant, and summer-breezy, these are some of the reasons customers love palm leaf tablecloths.

  • Perfect For Formal Events 

Our 120” round tablecloths are a standard size if you want your 60” round tables completely covered, thanks to their floor-length fabric. Since they are made of satin, using them at weddings, banquets, parties, and other special events makes even more sense. 

  • Sold At A Discount 

CV Linens is generous regarding slashing the prices of our table linens and party decor. Sign up for our newsletter or shop our deals of the week to check out our deals. These deals are offered on top of the already low wholesale prices. Protect your savings and investment by learning how to properly fold your round tablecloths and keep them in pristine condition for future events.  

  • Free Shipping Available

If you order our tropical tablecloth or any other linens and decorative items from CV Linens with a subtotal of at least $99, you can get them free shipping within the 48 continental United States.

  • No Minimum Order Amount 

Here at CV Linens, we cater to orders big and small. Whether you need one tablecloth or a dozen, you deserve to have a stylish, trendy, and fun event with the right satin tablecloths for events or any linen, dinnerware, centerpiece, or lighting. 

What Table Linens And Decors Go Well With A Tropical Palm Leaf Tablecloth

If you've opted for a tropical tablecloth with a bold palm print for your event, you've made a great choice! Here are some tips on how you can further enhance its impact:

  • Use Solid-colored Table Napkins

Since the palm leaves on our satin round tablecloths are in shades of green, choose napkins that complement these colors. These could be light green, white, or turquoise.

  • Choose Metallic Charger Plates

Gold or silver-trimmed metallic chargers easily make any venue look upscale. These are also a perfect pairing with palm leaf patterns. You can find these charger plates at CV Linens, too.

  • Pair It With subtly patterned table runners

Table runners can add texture and visual appeal to your tablescape, but don’t let patterns clash with the leave print. Instead add a touch of natural texture with burlap or petal circle runner for an earthy vibe. 

  • Add Candle Holders 

Candle lighting is a great way to add warmth to any space. CV Linens carries silver or gold candle holders that pair well with bold palm leaf tablecloths. 

  • Include More Tropical Decor Elements

Make your tropical-themed party memorable with tropical decorations like starfish, seashells, or beach-themed glassware to create a cohesive look. Of course, you can't forget about tropical floral arrangements for a pop of color.

Now that you’ve learned when and how to use our satin 120 round tablecloth tropical palm leaf and why customers choose them, its your turn to decorate with them. Get these tablecloths, wholesale linen napkins, backdrop curtains, drapes, and other party supplies at low prices. Shop at CV Linens today.

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