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Satin Rectangular 60"x120" Tablecloth - Aqua Blue

Satin Rectangular 60"x120" Tablecloth - Aqua Blue

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Color: aqua blue
Size: 60 x 120 in.
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Satin is one of the top major textile weaves popular for its soft, shiny, and elegant fabric. These are also the same characteristics that allow the fabric to drape beautifully, making it the perfect material for our Aqua Blue Rectangle Tablecloths.

If you have several events that call for satin’s unique and elegant sheen, CV Linens offers you a wide variety of options. We carry satin tablecloths in different colors and shapes with the assurance that CV Linens sells high GSM standard tablecloths of higher quality and thicker fabric than those from discount party suppliers.

Top benefits of Satin Apple Red Rectangle Tablecloth

Whether you're organizing a celebration or special event, satin is a perfect choice. CV Linen carries this beautiful fabric made of 100% polyester but creatively spun to feel satin-like. It exudes a celebratory vibe that is perfect for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate events.

Shiny side

Satin fabrics have a shiny and soft front side that is perfect for pairing with any textured or solid material. It is this lustrous side that makes satin tablecloths ideal for various events. Its luxurious feel and appearance make any event look expensive.


Satin is made of very tautly woven fibers, making it a stronger material than other plain fabrics. It means you can use your satin tablecloths repeatedly without worrying about ruining them. Busy event organizers like you need tablecloths that can withstand repeated use.

Ideal drapes for satin rectangle tablecloth

Due to satin’s pliability, it results in beautifully draped table linen. Silky satin fabric creates an easy and soft drape over rectangular tables. This elegant fabric draping makes for an effortlessly elegant look.

Easy care

If you use wholesale tablecloths for multiple events, the last thing on your to-do list is to hand wash tablecloths. Luckily your satin linens are machine washable and dryable to save you time to dedicate to other party planning pressing tasks.


CV Linens’ apple red satin tablecloth, offers fabric flexibility as well as color-matching flexibility. Pair it with gray, white, or beige for neutral color schemes. Combine the aqua blue tablecloth with dazzling gold for a romantic and elegant event. Combine aqua blue, dark turquoise, and cornflower/serenity for a gradient monochromatic party decor. Even more daring combinations would be aqua blue with black.

How to care for satin tablecloths

You’re buying tablecloths from CV Linens, so you know they are high-quality. But knowing how to take care of them will help the linens reach their estimated life span. It would also mean more value for your money in the long run.

Satin is a delicate fabric, so people prefer to use it for their tablecloths on special occasions. Its luxurious appearance makes it a must-have for upscale parties. However, the delicate nature of this fabric requires delicate care to wash, store, or prepare for events.

So, how do you care for a satin material Aqua Blue Tablecloth Rectangle that preserves its quality and durability?

Wash it only in cold water.

Wash the tablecloths by hand or use the delicate cycle in the washing machine.

Use gentle laundry detergent to keep the satin fabric’s quality.

Don’t use a harsh chemical like bleach to clean satin tablecloths

Don’t wring satin tablecloths after washing them, as it can leave deep wrinkles and/or distort their shape.

Dry in cool to low heat setting

Don’t store linens under direct sunlight as this may cause the color to fade

Take full advantage of your Aqua Blue Tablecloth in Satin, from its luxurious shiny appeal to its elegant flowy drape, but also know how to care for it properly.

Buy the tablecloths wholesale at CV Linens, and have them in a variety of colors! You can also check out this Satin Rectangle Tablecloth 60"x120" in Rust among many other colors and types of linens to choose from.

Enjoy a one-stop shopping spree here at CV Linens, from satin to spandex tablecloths, table runners, chair decors, backdrop lighting, and more.

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Material: Satin (100% polyester, but spun to look and feel like satin)

Size: Approx. 60"x120" rectangular

Color: Aqua Blue

Pack: 1 per polybag

Care Instruction: Machine Washable & Cool Dry. Do not bleach.