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Spangle Shimmer Sequin Wall Panel Backdrops (24 panels) - Silver

Spangle Shimmer Sequin Wall Panel Backdrops (24 panels) - Silver

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Color: silver
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Spangle Shimmer Sequin Wall Panel Backdrops (24 panels) - Silver

Sparkle and glamorize your next event decoration with our Spangle Shimmer Sequin Wall Panel Backdrops in Silver. Let the shimmering sequins bring magic to your venue, creating a truly spectacular atmosphere that will surely delight your guests.

Features of our Sequin Shimmer Wall Backdrop

Made from high-quality materials, this shimmer wall backdrop is composed of sequin panels with spangles: small plates of shining sequin used in design that are stylish, durable, and made to stand the rigors of use. Each pack contains 24 pieces, offering ample coverage to create a dazzling backdrop. The high density of sequins ensures maximum sparkle and shimmer, creating a captivating and eye-catching display.

Because each panel is 12" x 12", handling and assembly are simple. This square backdrop panel ensures a uniform and seamless look when put together. Each panel has 100 spangle sequins, measuring 2.8 cm x 2.8 cm. The sturdy construction ensures that the sequins remain securely attached, maintaining their sparkling appearance event after event. It offers an outstanding return on investment because it can be utilized for numerous occasions. 

Some installation options include using portable backdrop stands and styling this shimmer wall backdrop with a pipe and drape set. Alternatively, this shimmer wall backdrop can be applied straight on solid surfaces. The shimmer wall panel can be used to cover 4x8 or 3x8 foot walls. You just need to multiply the length and width of your space in feet to find the required number of panels. For example, 24 panels will be needed for a 6x4 foot area. For guidance, you may also make use of our handy sizing chart calculator.

Easy assembly is a feature of our Sequin Shimmer Wall Backdrop design. You can quickly set up your backdrop by using the provided 4" zip ties to fasten each panel, which is sturdy and built on a backing with eight holes for easy installation. Event planners and do-it-yourself decorators will find the lightweight panels helpful as they are also simple to store and transport.

Decorate Your Event with Silver Shimmer Wall Backdrop

Step into a world of elegance and charm with our Silver Shimmer Wall Backdrop, designed to transform your event into a shimmering masterpiece. The silver hue radiates sophistication, effortlessly blending with diverse event themes, such as a fairytale wedding theme, and color schemes. Pair it with accents of white, navy blue, or blush pink to create a striking contrast, and use backdrop lighting to elevate your decor to a new level of refinement.

Our shimmer wall backdrops come in many colors. One option is our shade of Iridescent Silver Shimmer Walls that will perfectly fit your party. You can combine them with other colors or textures for an added appeal. Make your party unique and choose our sequin wall panel backdrops.

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Color: Silver

Quantity: 24 pcs/pk

Panel Size: 12" x 12"

Panel Shape: Square

Sequins Per Panel: 100

Sequin Size: 2.8cm x 2.8cm

Common Backdrop Sizes with 24 Panels:
- 6ft x 4ft
- 3ft x 8ft