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Square 14"x14" Crystal Cake Stand - Gold Plated

Square 14"x14" Crystal Cake Stand - Gold Plated

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Color: gold
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There's something undeniably magical about the sight of a beautifully crafted wedding cake or a dazzling display of desserts. It's more than just a sweet treat; it's a centerpiece of celebration. And to truly elevate that experience, it's the little details that matter. That's where our gold-plated crystal cake stand comes in.

CV Linens understands the importance of these finer points in event planning. Our gold cake stand with crystals is part of our remarkable collection of cake and cupcake stands. It transforms your dessert table into a masterpiece, making your cake the star of the show. 

Whether it's a wedding, birthday, or any special event, your cake deserves a stage, and our gold square cake stand is ready to deliver!

Create Sumptuous Dessert Tables with Our Crystal Cake Stand

Cake stands are elegant pedestals that serve as plinths for your delicious creations. They can also serve as exquisite pieces of art that can elevate your dessert tables to new heights.

It's the touch of magic that transforms an ordinary dessert table into a dazzling spectacle. Our crystal stand is a true embodiment of this enchantment. Picture your delectable desserts poised atop a magnificent 5 1/2-inch-tall pedestal, adorned with rows upon rows of sparkling acrylic crystals. 

Not only are these 14-inch cake stands feast for the eyes, but they are also crafted with the highest quality. Our crystal dessert stand is the perfect detail for bringing a twinkle to your wedding or special event without the hefty price tag.

Your guests won't stop talking about the breathtaking design of these crystal wedding cake stands. Whether you choose the timeless appeal of gold-plated elegance or the radiant shimmer of a silver-plated cake stand, one thing is certain! These cake stands will be the crowning jewels of your dessert table.

Purchase Our Gold Plated Cake Stand!

In event decor, few things exude opulence and sophistication quite like crystal and gold. The mesmerizing sparkle of crystal paired with the allure of gold creates an ambiance of sheer luxury that's perfect for a variety of events.

Our gold-plated crystal cake stand is the epitome of this exquisite combination. Its radiant gold finish complements the brilliance of the crystals. It is perfect for events and themes that demand a touch of luxury, such as weddings, galas, and extravagant celebrations.

What makes our gold crystal cake stand truly exceptional is its compatibility with our crystal product line. Pair it with our glass crystal bowl centerpiece and create a harmonious look of crystal decor that bathes your event in a mesmerizing radiance.

At CV Linens, we offer a wide range of event supplies that are designed to infuse your celebration with the magic of sparkling gold and crystals. Buy them in bulk and make your event truly shine without breaking the bank!

Shop The Look: Create a Stunning Cake Table

Elevating your cake table to a work of art is easier than you might think. Here are some styling tips and steps to achieve a stunning cake table using our crystal cake stand and matching it with other exquisite decor elements:

1. Set the Foundation 

Begin with a luxurious base. Lay down a gold taffeta tablecloth. Its rich, shimmering gold will instantly infuse elegance into your setup. The subtle texture adds depth and sophistication to your cake table.

2. Add a Touch of Glamor 

For an extra dose of opulence, adorn the edges with a gold table skirt. Its cascading gold layers create a regal look that complements our crystal dessert stand perfectly. This combination will captivate your guests' attention as soon as they enter the room.

3. Create an Ethereal Backdrop 

Enhance the overall ambiance by adding a white sheer voile curtain as a backdrop. The delicate, sheer fabric gently diffuses light, creating a dreamy atmosphere. This curtain not only frames your cake table but also adds a touch of romance to the scene.

4. Add The Showstopper

Now, the pièce de résistance - our gold-plated crystal cake stand. Place your exquisite cake or desserts atop this pedestal. Its base, adorned with rows of dazzling acrylic crystals, reflects light beautifully, making your dessert truly sparkle.

5. Accessorize with Elegance

To complete the look, add other decor elements such as candelabras or flower arrangements. These additions can bring an extra layer of charm to your cake table, enhancing its overall appeal.

By following these steps and using our recommended dessert table decor, you can effortlessly create a cake table that's both breathtaking and magical. Shop the look today and make your event a truly memorable one!

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Material: Gold Plated metal & glass crystals

Total height: Approx.5.5" tall

Dimensions: Approx. 14" x14" square

Max weight cake stand can hold: Approx. 30 lbs

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