New Arrival: Petal Circle Taffeta


Petal-FAb-blush-150x150 petal-Ivory-FAB-150x150 petal-navy1-150x150 petal-cir-FUCH-fab-150x150 petal-fab-applered-150x150 Petal-Circle-Taffeta-Fabric-Roll-Silver-150x150 petal-Blk-FAB-150x150_5d18cef9-e788-45a2-9063-7e9bd76d96d9 10-yards-Petal-Circle-Taffeta-White-150x150 petal-fab-royal-150x150

We are pleased to introduce an entirely new product line: Petal Circle Taffeta!

Add some refined fun to your event with our Petal Circle Taffeta! Each item features hand-sewn rows of geometric circles and is nearly opaque. Petal Circle Taffeta creates a chic and unique look for your wedding or event décor! Taffeta is a high-end fabric that is lightweight and has a smooth texture to give a soft sheen throughout your venue. Candle and soft light reflect well on taffeta to create the perfect ambiance for your special day!

Petal-Circle-Taffeta-Rectangular-Tablecloth-White-150x150 petal-taff-rec-ivory-150x150 petal-taff-rec-royalb-150x150 rect-petal-taff-black-150x150 petal-taff-rec-fuchsia-150x150 petal-taff-rec-applered-150x150 Petal-Taffeta-Rec-Tablecloth-Silver-150x150 rect-petal-taff-choc2-150x150 Petal-Cir-Rect-BLUSH-150x150 rect-petal-taff-champ-150x150 petal-taff-rec-gold-150x150 petal-taff-rec-plum-150x150

Our Petal Circle Taffeta Line includes Fabric Rolls, tablecloths in 120″ Round, 132″ Round, 90″x 132″ Rectangular, and 90″x 156″ Rectangular sizes.

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Please advise me when you have the Rose/Gold Petal Taffeta 120 in. Round Tablecloth available .
Thank you


I need the lavender, when will it be available

Urakay juett

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