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Anniversary Date Ideas: How to Celebrate in Style

Anniversary Date Ideas: How to Celebrate in Style

Whether it's your first or twentieth year together, celebrating an anniversary with your special someone is always enjoyable and worthwhile.

Planning what to do for your anniversary can be difficult, especially if you don't want to do anything predictable and want to do something special and unique this year.

If you're stuck for anniversary date ideas, don't worry! Here is a list of romantic, fun, and artsy anniversary date ideas for couples who want to mark such a joyous occasion in style.

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8 Anniversary Date Ideas

Take A Trip Down the Memory Lane

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Go back in time to the moment when you said, "I do."

Watch your wedding videos together as you celebrate your anniversary after popping open some champagne and setting out some treats. Or, pull out your wedding photo albums and spend time remembering your special day.

If you want to go extra, call out your dearest friends and family, set up a quick flower backdrop and other anniversary date decorations, change into your wedding attire, get down on one knee, and renew your vows.

Just remember to prepare tissues in case someone begins to cry joyful tears.

Spend the Weekend on a Road Trip


What to do for an anniversary date? Since anniversaries only come around once a year, why not consider going on a road trip together? It's a great way to spend quality time together while exploring new places and creating new memories.

There are endless things to see and do when the two of you jump in the car and just hit the road. Pick your destination, map out your route and make some fun stops along the way. Try out the local restaurants, take pictures, and take in the nightlife, and enjoy this anniversary date idea that will go down in history.

Check travelandleisure.com for the best anniversary destinations that make a road trip romantic in the US.

Throw A Dinner Party

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Celebrating an anniversary by sharing home-cooked meals with your significant other and closest friends and family can be a great way to ring in another year of your joyous relationship. So, don your apron, open a bottle of champagne, and get ready to cook up a delicious meal to toast your love!

Candles, flowers, and balloons make lovely anniversary date decorations. To set the mood, play soft music while serving your favorite dishes and beverages. Then, as a fun way to kick off the conversation, request that each guest share a tale about you two.

Want to add some flair into your dinner party? Use elegant napkin ring holders to go with your linen napkins for an extra touch of glitz.

Stay at Home and Watch a Movie

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Curl up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a cozy blanket and reminisce about your favorite moments from the past year. You can hold hands during the opening credits and allow the magic of the film to transport you to another world. Whether you choose a romantic comedy, a classic drama, or an action-packed thriller, the important thing is that you're together, enjoying each other's company, and celebrating your love. Here's to many more years of movie nights and romantic moments!

Plan A Special Picnic

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This is a romantic anniversary date idea as well as a wonderful last-minute date suggestion. 

Grab a blanket, a bottle of champagne, and load up the cooler with your favorite foods to eat. Head out to your favorite spot and set up a sweetly romantic picnic that's just for the two of you.

If your anniversary falls during the winter or if the weather isn't suitable for an outdoor picnic, host one in the comfort of your own home, right on your living room floor! The nice thing about a home picnic is that you can unwind and sip on a bottle of wine or champagne knowing you won't have to drive home.

Enjoy a Night Under the Stars

nature camping

Although going camping might seem like a lot of work, it's actually a simple anniversary date idea. It's a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and connect with your loved one on a deeper level. 

With the warm glow of a campfire and a blanket to snuggle under, reminisce about the past, share hopes and dreams, and make new promises for the future. What better way to celebrate your wedding anniversary?

Visit the Spa

head massage

If you're wondering what to do for your anniversary date, give a spa day a try for a day of pampering and relaxation. Nothing expresses your love for your partner quite like spoiling them with a relaxing massage, calming facial, or a sumptuous soak in a hot tub. Additionally, it's a great chance for couples to rekindle their relationship and escape the pressures of everyday life.

So put on your coziest robe, brew some tea, and allow the soothing atmosphere of the spa to soothe your body, mind, and soul. Happy anniversary!

Spend The Night Drinking and Having Fun at A Comedy Club

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While going to a comedy club for your anniversary is already a great idea, adding drinks to the mix can make it even better! Imagine sitting with your partner, sipping on your favorite cocktails while you both laugh until your sides hurt. You can give a toast to all the memories you've made together so far and all the ones yet to come. So go ahead and raise a glass to each other and enjoy a night of love, laughter, and drinks!

What are the Best Anniversary Gifts?

surprise gift
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There is no such thing as "perfect" anniversary gifts because it really depends on you and your special someone's preferences. However, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Personalized gifts with your names, anniversary date, or a special message can be thoughtful and sentimental.
  • Consider gifts that are memorable like an experience that you can enjoy together such as a romantic weekend getaway, a cooking class, or concert tickets.
  • Jewelry is always a timeless and classic gift. Give your partner a fancy watch, a locket necklace, or an infinity bracelet to symbolize your love.
  • If your significant other is into technology, think about getting them the latest gadget or device they've been eyeing.
  • A stunning work of art, a crystal centerpiece, or even a set of chic charger plates can make for a unique and sentimental gift if you and your partner enjoy decorating your home.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to give a gift that both of you will cherish and that demonstrates your love and appreciation for your partner.

Here’s to More Years of Celebration!

It can be difficult to come up with ideas for celebrating an anniversary, but keep in mind that the goal of these celebrations is simply to spend time together. 

Allow these anniversary date ideas to inspire what you and your partner enjoy doing as a couple. If you're feeling daring, try something out of the ordinary. If you have a taste for fine dining, plan your date around an exquisite meal. Plan a fun getaway if you both are yearning for a trip. For the best anniversary destinations, see US News' feature on the Best Romantic Getaways in the USA for 2023.

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