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Astonishing Los Angeles Beach Wedding Venues

A lot of couples dream of a Los Angeles beach wedding. Who wouldn’t want to walk in the sand, hear the waves, and feel the breeze on that special day? Plan a beach wedding and get ready to dive into the world of destination weddings.

If you’re looking for that seaside wedding party, you’re in the right place. Let us run you through the best beach wedding venues in Los Angeles.

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Top Beach Wedding Venue Recommendations in Los Angeles

Looking for public beaches and private beaches for wedding venues? Here are our top picks for your special day.

Wedding planners often have a ready list of top destination ideas and wedding packages for their clients' big day. Here we give you a guide on how to dress your wedding day to suit your needs.

Get your guest book, escort cards, and wedding dress ready for your beach wedding to remember. Get a splashing good time at these top beach wedding destinations and beach wedding ideas!


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Much You Can Do in Redondo

Redondo Beach

Make your weddings by the beach more special in Redondo Beach. Named after the Spanish word for “round,” you truly can do all-around preparations for your special day on this beach.

Hotels in town such as the Portofino and Marina and the Sonesta will captivate you with breathtaking ocean views. They even help you plan your dream wedding. But of course, you’d have to play a great role in it, too.

Starting a beach wedding, you would already have a theme. But it’s a tricky task when you’re looking for an exact color palette to suit the mood.

White chairs and tables are go-to furniture for beach theme weddings. To make these even more exciting, you can add more beach wedding decorations in your preferred motif. For that, a good suggestion would be products in seafoam green wedding colors.seafoam green wedding colors

Married in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach

A sanctuary of blossoms, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden offers an enchanting escape for nature-loving couples. Its diverse gardens, including the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden and Cherry Esplanade, set the stage for intimate celebrations.

The seaside views will definitely make your day. It’s so close to the beach you can walk barefoot from your hotel room to the waters in no time.

Set up your wedding dinner tables near the beach itself for that cozy mood. A nice accent to the table can be a crystal centerpiece wedding to make your beach marriage more exquisite.

I Found My Heart in Malibu

Hotel Malibu

Torn between a hill garden or a beach wedding? You can do both. Hotels in Malibu can help you with just that. This hill and beach concept can be one of the best beach ceremony ideas to do these days.

You can start your march down from the hill to the seaside. See your family and friends look up to you and wait for you to meet them at the seaside.

Once it’s time to dine and celebrate, accent your beach wedding setup with burlap table runner wedding pieces. Sea green, earth colors, and accents of bright reds and blues is a good color motif. Consider these combinations for your beach wedding decorations to match the feel of Malibu.

Wed in Palos Verdes

Prospect Park

Palm trees, the sunset, and the ocean waves. Find your perfect beach wedding ceremony in LA at Palos Verdes.

Dress your wedding reception's center stage with a gold arch backdrop. Frame where the bride and groom can have their first kiss as a married couple.

Drape your backdrop with matching linens. Choose from a wide variety of linen options to match you wedding's theme. It’s best to put together contrasting pieces such as colors that are bright, then some light. You can also play with prints and plains.

These are not the only pieces you can use for your beach wedding setup. You may add other drapes and matching tablecloths to the dining setup. Pepper the beach venue using floral panels that can house fresh flowers to add a harmony of colors.

Choosing the Perfect Beach for Your Destination Wedding

Perfect Beach Wedding

Planning a destination wedding at the beach offers a picturesque backdrop that's both romantic and serene. Selecting the right beach for your special day requires careful consideration.

Beyond the turquoise waters and sandy shores, there are essential factors to keep in mind. Consider the location's accessibility, weather patterns, local regulations, and amenities. These all play a significant role in creating the dreamy seaside wedding you envision.

Whether you're drawn to a secluded cove or a bustling coastal town, explore these considerations. These will guide you toward the perfect beach that sets the stage for your unforgettable destination wedding.

Make Waves with your Beach Wedding

couple by the beach

There are many ideas that can come up once you start planning your dream beach wedding. Breathtaking views, and the warmth of the sun, the cool waves, greens, and trees give you a soothing vibe.

Get that Los Angeles beach wedding and your marriage license in style!. Give your wedding guests a treat with a destination wedding at the beach! Get these with our top venues for the perfect beach wedding set up.

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