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Throw a Tutu & Tiara Baby Shower on a Minimal Budget

Tiara and Tutu Baby Shower with cheap tableclothsTiara and Tutu Baby Shower with cheap tablecloths and affordable linens

Budgeted Tutu and Tiara Shower

If you’re throwing a baby shower for a friend or relative there is so much excitement about the impending arrival of this precious little girl! You’ll want to give a party that will be the talk of all of all of your guests for months to come. We’ve come up with the top five things to consider in organizing a reasonably-priced but absolutely phenomenal party to make the planning easier on you.

1. Start with a Theme

Themes are a great way to stick with specific ideas and a color scheme when planning. With a theme you won’t spend any of your budget buying items that ultimately won’t get used. One of our favorite themes for a baby shower is Tutu & Tiara. An expectant mother would be thrilled to attend a party for her expected arrival where tiny mesh skirts and miniature crowns are the norm! There are so many small, sophisticated ways to include the main elements without looking too over the top.

2. Next Pick a Color Scheme

Luckily, this part is a no-brainer! Pink and victorian lilac are the most popular colors to go with this theme. These colors will look fantastic in the decor, table linens, and even the food (adorably decorated cookies, anyone?) Invitations be-decked with tiny baby ballerinas in pink and purple tutus or just pink and purple dance shoes would go great with your party theme. Ask guests to wear their favorite outfits or accent pieces in these appropriate colors.

3. Make the Menu Fun

One of the best tips for saving money on an event (aside from decreasing your guest list) is to hold the shower in the middle of the afternoon, after lunch but before dinner. Serving appetizers, desserts, and finger foods will help keep costs down and still provide attendees with plenty of delicious snacks for a few hours while the party takes place. Create a fun option with pink punch served in a large glass punch bowl and a tutu around its base. Finger sandwiches can be presented with pink and purple frill toothpicks. A colorful fresh fruit tray with a pink poppyseed dressing would thrill adults and children alike! You can always work with your caterer to decide what foods will look best placed together.

4. Dress it All Up with Table Linen

Table linens may be a concern due to high rental prices for cheap tablecloths. They can put a huge dent in your budget, so you’ll be on the search for cheap tablecloths that aren’t made of plastic. Luckily, we have a wide selection of fine linens to choose from. Consider a large rosette cheap tablecloth for the optimum impact at a dessert or gift table. Our solid linens, such as polyester, satin, and taffeta, go well with any luxurious design. If you are looking for chair covers for sale, consider pairing it with either a plain white or ivory chair cover with a purple or pink sash. The pricing on our wholesale, cheap tablecloths is very reasonable. You will be amazed at how you can use them over and over again for so many events despite the price!

5. Provide Plenty of Games

You may have your hands full by putting on this party, so delegate the games lineup to another attendee. The focus should be on the baby, so any game that incorporates baby food, diapers, or baby apparel will be appropriate. Be sure to provide door prizes that will suit anyone who wins each game.

A Closer Look at Our Tutu and Tiara Shower Mock Up


Difficulty Level: ★★★★☆ (mid-difficulty due to draping)
Set Up Time: Approx. 45 minutes with drapes

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Don’t Break the Bank to Throw a Great Event

As you can see, baby showers don’t have to be costly to be memorable! All it takes is a little creativity, a few dollars, cheap tablecloths that are actually high quality, some legwork, and the assistance of friends and family to hold a party for this expectant mother.


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