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How To Assemble a 12-Arm Wedding Candelabra Centerpiece

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A staple in romantic dinners and all kinds of wedding events, the use of candles on tables helps set the mood to make the night more ideal and intimate. As a wedding reception table decoration, candles are used as centerpieces to complete a tablescape.

Perfect for weddings and intimate occasions, tall centerpieces enhance guest tables, sign-in tables, and elegant buffet tables. Having a beautiful candelabra centerpiece idea can help set the mood of the event, which can help with the theme of your party.

CV Linen’s 48 inches tall 12-arm wedding candelabra centerpiece can also be used as a floor candelabra centerpiece. Just like most modern and tall candelabra centerpieces, it is multi-purpose. They can also serve as wedding stage decor, wedding aisle decor, next to sweetheart tables, incorporated with wedding backdrops, or as the event venue entryway decor. They can also be used together with wedding arches, as part of the wedding altar decor ideas, or just as an addition to your fireplace.

Watch this video and learn how to assemble taper candle holders for weddings which can be used as a centerpiece or wedding floor candle stands:

This wedding candle holder table centerpiece contains the following items in the box for installation and setup:


  • 12 x Candelabra Nozzles
  • 12 x Candelabra Sconce disks 
  • 14 x Hex Nuts
  • 14 x Split Lock Washers
  • 1 x Large Threaded Stud Bolt with Gold cap and Nut
  • 14 x Small Threaded Stud Bolt
  • 1 x Round metal disk plate
  • 3 x S-shaped candelabra arm
  • 9 x C-shaped candelabra arms
  • 1 x Modern Geometric Candelabra Centerpiece Base
  • 12 x  Hurricane Glass Cylinders


Proper Way To Assemble 12-Arm Wedding Candelabra

Part 1: Attach the Arms to the Base

attaching the arms to the base

Using the C-shaped Candelabra arms, Insert the threaded ends into the openings on the arm holder at the top of the candelabra stand.

Make sure that the arms are secured and use the provided hex nut to lock them in.

Repeat the process with all nine candelabra arms

Part 2: Attach the Center Candelabra Arms

attaching the center candelabra arms

Attach the three S-shaped arms to the outer openings on the flat metal disk using the hex nuts.

Attach the center arms to the base using the large stud bolt. Start by moving the hex nut to the end of the bolt and removing the cap. Pass the bolt through the bottom of the arm holder base as well as the middle opening on the disk.

Secure the disk in place using the gold cap that was removed earlier.

Part 3: Assembling the Candelabra Nozzles

assembling the candelabra nozzles

Attach the small stud bolts to the sconce disks by threading the bolt to the bottom of the disk. Add a split lock washer over the bolts so they’ll be secured in place.

Cover the bottom of the sconce disk with the nozzle.

Holding both parts in place, place them on the end of the candelabra arms. Twist to secure in place.

Repeat this process until you complete it with all 12 candelabra arms.

Part 4: Finishing Touches

finishing touches

Add wax candles or use LED taper candles and cover them with the hurricane cylinder glasses.

Make sure to review the wedding venues guidelines regarding the use of open flame candles. If the venue does not allow open flame candles, battery-operated LED candles can also be used. Using these instead of real candles would have the added benefit of having a remote control for ease of use, no soot residue on the hurricane glass cylinders, no wax clean up, and less of a fire hazard.

Apart from the usual setup, a great candelabra centerpiece idea is using it by mixing other elements for decor. For example, a gold centerpiece with greenery garlands, fresh or faux silk flowers, or chiffon table runners can bring a whole new level of design and sophistication to your wedding.

For more wedding decorating tips and other candelabra centerpiece ideas, check out our YouTube channel, Pinterest, and our blog.

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