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Candle Holder Centerpiece Ideas for Any Occasions

Classic Candle Holder Centerpiece Ideas for Formal Occasions

Candle holder centerpieces are an essential element of tablescape decor. They add warmth and create a focal point for your event or wedding table decorations, while coordinating with significant details of any event theme.

Centerpieces come in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes. From balloons to floral arrangements to greenery garlands or glass decorations, an important consideration is that it should coincide with the colors and style of your event motif. While you can get creative with fun and unusual centerpiece ideas, candle holder centerpieces are a timeless option.

Candle Holder Centerpieces

A candle holder centerpiece is an elegant way to add a little sparkle to your table. These candelabra centerpieces are great for weddings, formal events and any other setting where you want to impress your guests.

Candle holder centerpieces are also easy to assemble, so they're perfect for beginners who are just getting started with DIY decorating.

Whether you are using tealight candles, floating candles, or taper candles, candle lighting is a great way to add a warm and relaxing ambiance to weddings and special events.

You may wonder how candle holder centerpieces are used throughout an entire event. This blog will share with you some popular candle holder centerpiece ideas, tips, and tricks.

What is the Best Height For a Centerpiece?

You may wonder how tall or low should centerpieces be? A general rule is that any centerpiece should not be blocking the view of the guests so they can still comfortably talk with each other. Centerpieces should also not block  the view of the stage or of the guest(s) of honor.

Candle holder centerpieces can be tall or low centerpieces. Generally, low centerpieces should be 12” or lower and tall centerpieces should be 24” or taller to ensure guests can maintain eye contact while conversing. 

Low Candle Holder Centerpiece Ideas

small candle holder centerpieces

Short centerpieces add a simpler, sleeker touch to tablescapes. They are more subtle, and complement table linens and table placeholders just enough. The soft warmth and glow of candlestick holders and taper candles look great on any table, but especially on sweetheart tables or head tables.

For long rectangular tables, place pillar candles holders or candle lanterns in a long line on top of the runners. You can use votive candle holders or candles of different sizes or color shades to add depth to your decor. For round tables, charger plates and pillar candles make a great diy candle centerpiece.

Centerpiece Decor Tip: 

Table decor in odd numbers in asymmetrical styles helps mimic nature which creates a more aesthetic look.

Tall Candle Holder Centerpiece Ideas

tall candelabra centerpiece

Tall candelabra centerpieces are one of the most popular candle centerpieces. They are timeless and breathtaking. Using tall centerpieces is an easy way to make a statement and add elegance to tables.

However, taking reception tables to new heights with elaborate centerpieces  can be intimidating, especially when deciding  how to style them. Simply placing it in the middle of the table won’t do. Exactly, what is a candelabra? And how do you keep the candle light lit throughout the ceremony?

Think Lumiere in the Beauty and the Beast, but some are taller, with more arms. A candelabra is a candle holder with multiple arms to hold candles. Some candelabra centerpiece styles include three-arm crystal candelabra, five-arm candelabras with crystals, and ten-arm tall candelabras.

Candelabra Decor Tips:

  1. Start by ensuring the types of candles allowed at venues. If there will be overhead fans or air conditioning, you might consider using battery-operated candles to keep the candles lit throughout the event.
  2. Make sure that the candles are securely placed on each arm to avoid toppling over. The last thing you want are even mishaps that could potentially harm you and your guests.
  3. Trim your candle wick so that it remains lit throughout the event. This also lessens the chance of fire hazards during the event.

Do Centerpieces Have to Match?

Just like reception tables, mixing and matching table decor is a great way to add texture and dimensions to tablescapes. Flowers are a perfect accent to any candle holder centerpieces. Mix and match decorations for wedding reception tables or any special event. A vibrant candle color easily adds a pop of color to your tablescape.

Large floral arrangements added to the top of the Royal Hanging Crystal Candelabra Centerpiece make a great statement. Fresh or faux flowers and greenery can be intertwined to the base of the Ten- Arm Candle Holder to enhance the table decor. You may also use floating candles and crystal floating candle vases for a more subtle lighting effect.

Tip: Use unscented candles to prevent allergic reactions, and also, to  prevent scent contrast between event florals and food being served.

There are many other ways to use tall candelabra centerpieces. Think outside the box and use them in unique ways such as your backdrop decor, aisle runner decor, or next to the sweetheart table. 

These are just some of the tips and tricks you can use for candle holder centerpiece decorations. Make sure to always consult with the wedding venue and event planner, before deciding to use candles as part of your decor, and use them with caution. If using real candles is not allowed opt to use flameless battery-operated pillar candles or led candelabra light bulbs. 

Tip: Use unscented candles to prevent allergic reactions, and also, to  prevent scent contrast between event florals and food being served.

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