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Easy Charger Plate Centerpieces

Are you a stressed out event planner, bride, or dinner party host? Fear not! We are tackling one of the design challenges we hear of most often: how to make beautiful and economical centerpieces.


Let’s explore a few easy guidelines for constructing centerpieces:

• Centerpieces should be below chin level so guests can easily chat across the table.
• Keep centerpieces proportionate to the table size. For rectangular and square tables they ideally would be a third of the width.
• Remember your centerpieces will be viewed from all angles, so make sure the back and sides are just as picture-perfect as the front!


A simple way to create a proportionate centerpiece is by using decorative charger plates as bases. You can effortlessly make your own centerpiece using charger plates with candles, flowers, leaves, rocks, or crystals.


Begin with a charger plate to coordinate with the theme or color palette for your event and arrange three pillar candles of varying heights on top.

centerpiece charge plates ftd
We carry chargers in several different styles and colors, including beaded, plain, diamond style, faux wood, glass beaded, royal antique, ruffled, rustic, square, and vintage style! Pillar candles can be picked up at almost any local store and come in a variety of colors.


After the candles are arranged to your preference, you can fill in the negative space. Try candles with the flowers, rocks, or crystals you’d like to feature.

Centerpiece Charger plates

Remember, if you’re using fake florals you’ll want to ensure they’re sitting low enough on the charger plate that they will not interfere with a flame if the candles are lit.


Top off with a second layer of decor and you’re all set! Making a centerpieces has never been easier.

Centerpiece Charger plates

Your second layer can be florals if your base layer is leaves, a different color floral if your base is already florals, or even different colored and sized rocks/crystals – creativity is always encouraged. Don’t forget to also keep the season in mind while crafting your centerpiece; sand with seashells and a starfish would look great with this centerpiece idea for a fun summer look!


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