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Easy Charger Plate Centerpieces

Are you a stressed out event planner, bride, or dinner party host? Fear not! We are tackling one of the design challenges we hear of most often: how to make beautiful and economical centerpieces. Use these easy to follow guidelines on how you can set your tables using charger plate centerpieces

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What Are Charger Plates?


Charger plates, also called service plates, underplates, or decorative plates, serve as base settings used in multiple-course meals at banquets, weddings, fine-dining establishments, and other formal events.

Courses are served and placed on top of a charger plate, with the charger placed on top of a tablecloth or placemat. You can use it without the placemat, but whatever the final setup, make sure to put the charger plates at least two feet apart to give your guests enough elbow space. 

These decorative plates are called “charger” based on the Middle English word “chargeour,” used from 1274 to 1325 in England. “Chargeour” is a term used to refer to anything carrying heavy items. It is derived from the Latin word “carricane,” which means “to load.” 

Back then, chargers were bigger than the present 14-inch charger plates today. They were big enough to carry a whole roasted pig, but they have evolved to a size now fittingly used as service plates and centerpiece plates. 

Reef Acrylic Plastic Charger Plate - Gold
Reef Acrylic Plastic Charger Plate - Navy Blue
Reef Acrylic Plastic Charger Plate - Black

How To Prepare Centerpieces Using Charger Plates

You can use a decorative charger plate as part of your centerpiece setup. Here are some ways you can repurpose your wholesale charger plates into their decorative versions: 


  • Candle Display 


Prepare candles of different sizes and heights on a charger plate. It is easy to prepare and source if you do not have enough time and want to add more lighting sources. It is the perfect trick to establish a romantic and intimate ambiance for your dinners or events. 

  • Fruit Display 

Highlight what the season offers by using seasonal fruits as a display. It is one of those refreshing table decoration ideas you can pull off without too much effort. You can arrange them in an orderly manner or in a more natural display by mixing different colors, sizes, and shapes. It would be nice to add faux greenery to give the display more texture and a sense of freshness. 

  • Floral Centerpiece

Arrange different flowers and greenery right on top of the charger plate. It could be one big arrangement or several smaller ones in various vases. This combination of charger plates and flower vase centerpieces is perfect for spring events.

  • Table Runners

If you want to deviate from the typical linen runners or table overlays, replace them with several charger plates lined up in the middle. Each should contain vases, flowers, candles, dried twigs, greenery, fruits, or garlands, depending on the theme's requirements. 

Let’s Explore A Few Easy Guidelines For Constructing Centerpieces


  • Centerpieces should be below chin level so guests can easily chat across the table.
  • Keep centerpieces proportionate to the table size. For rectangular and square tables they ideally would be a third of the width.
  • Remember your centerpieces will be viewed from all angles, so make sure the back and sides are just as picture-perfect as the front!


A simple way to create a proportionate centerpiece is by using decorative charger plates as bases. You can effortlessly make your own centerpiece using charger plates with candles, flowers, leaves, rocks, or crystals. Make sure to match your type of chargers, including glass charger plates, acrylic charger plates, or vintage charger plates, to the tablecloths and other decorative items.

Begin with a charger plate to coordinate with the theme or color palette for your event and arrange three pillar candles of varying heights on top. 

centerpiece charge plate


We carry chargers in several different styles and colors, including beaded, plain, diamond style, faux wood, glass beaded, royal antique, ruffled, rustic, square, and vintage style! Pillar candles can be picked up at almost any local store and come in a variety of colors.

After the candles are arranged to your preference, you can fill in the negative space. Try candles with the flowers, rocks, or crystals you’d like to feature.

white candle centerpiece

Your second layer can be florals if your base layer is leaves, a different color floral if your base is already florals, or even different colored and sized rocks/crystals – creativity is always encouraged. Don’t forget to also keep the season in mind while crafting your centerpiece; sand with seashells and a starfish would look great with this centerpiece idea for a fun summer look!

white candle centerpiece
Waved Scalloped Acrylic 13" Charger Plate - Dusty Blue & Gold
Vintage Round Charger Plate - Gold
Lotus Scalloped Acrylic 13" Charger Plate - White Gold-Trimmed

Matching Charger Plate Centerpieces With The Rest Of The Table

Now that you are set on using charger plate centerpieces, you want to know how to complete the tablescape. If you are still looking for tablecloths for sale or gold beaded charger plates to match other event decorations, shop at a trusted store like CV Linens

If you choose silver beaded charger plates or any chargers with intricate patterns or designs, pick plain tablecloths or table runners to highlight the charger plates. It should also work the other way around to avoid making the table look crowded. 

More formal events would call for sophisticated-looking charger plates. An acrylic crystal centerpiece would be a good fit. Upscale this look some more with a linen napkin. More casual events may call for paper napkins with decorative designs. 


Chair covers can complete the final appearance of your tablescape. Pick chair covers for sale that match the color of your tablecloths. Event suppliers like CV Linens sell chair cover with ribbons, bows, or sashes. 

Before you finalize the preparations for your charger plate centerpieces, ensure that they correspond to the event's overall theme. It will keep the cohesiveness and balance of your tablescape and the rest of the event decoration. It will also help you create a visually striking and inviting table for your guests. And it is all because you now know all these charger plate centerpiece ideas. 

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