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Country Wedding Decoration Ideas


If you're looking to walk down the aisle in a quaint and charming little green corner of the world surrounded by nature, a country wedding may be perfect for you.

Country weddings are an underrated but charming option for couples. Imagine the cool breeze through your wedding drapes and vines and flowers adorning your tablescape. 

If you're into the whole rustic vibe, we've put together these country wedding decoration ideas that might be just the thing for you. 

How Do You Make a Country themed Wedding?

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Ranches, vineyards, and mountain lodges. These idyllic rural landscapes are what easily come to mind when people talk about country themed wedding ideas.

Here are our top country themed wedding ideas for your big day.

1. Naturally Elegant Country Wedding Decoration Ideas

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One big thing about country weddings is that it highlights the beauty of simple rural life. You can maximize the natural setting for your wedding set-up and décor. Using the right natural elements and do-it-yourself décor paired with metallic flourishing will easily give you that laid-back but chic look. 

Consider using elements such as wood, bale, and greenery. Some weddings use hay bales as a backdrop for wedding photo shoots or even for wedding photo booths. Its neutral color and rich texture makes for a good backdrop for portrait shots. 

Incorporate greenery into your wedding ceremony décor. You can incorporate greenery into your wedding aisle or your arch backdrops. You can use greenery and conifers on your tables at the reception as well to match your ceremony décor. 

One quick way to instantly ensure that your wedding looks expensive even on a tight budget is by ensuring quality events linen and wedding tablecloths. You can opt for crisp and classic white tablecloths that can go well with rustic decor items and florals. 

If you want to make a statement with your wedding linens, you can opt to use gingham picnic tablecloths for a charming and lively look. 

Once you've got your design ideas in place, it's best to choose a palette to coordinate your décor. 

For your country wedding theme, it's best to go with neutral colors that blend well with the greenery of the countryside. Think shades of brown, white, and beige. You can also opt for different hues of green. If you're feeling a little bold, you can choose an accent color among your neutral palette to make a statement. 

2. What to serve at your rustic country wedding

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What wedding would be complete without a cake? Of course we aren't settling for a plain old multi-tier cake. Here are some country wedding cake ideas to complete your countryside wedding. 

If you've got a specific country wedding theme, the wedding cake is the best way to display it. Incorporate country elements and symbols in your wedding cake design. If you're opting for a more classic wedding cake, you can opt to decorate it with your wedding colors and pressed with wildflowers, leaves, or foliage.

If you're feeling a little adventurous you can also opt for cakes shaped to fit your country wedding theme. A leaf-shaped cake adorned with fern decor or perhaps a symbol that is meaningful to you as a couple. You can get creative with your ideas. A country wedding allows for a more relaxed vibe. '

Serve your wedding cake and delicious menu with the right tables cape. Make sure to get good cocktail table covers to set a classy feel to your wedding banquet. The right mix of luxe décor and country elements makes for a balanced and sophisticated vibe. 

Top your table set up with these charming country wedding centerpiece ideas. Got some old bottles lying around in your stockroom? Use some old apothecary bottles as a centerpiece. Pair it with delicate wildflowers and a classic scented candle to complete your rustic look.

Alternatively, you can decorate your tables with scented candle pieces placed amidst a runner made out of wild flowers. Paired with an al fresco set up, this countryside dining will surely blow your guests away.  There's a lot more design inspirations for rustic table setting ideas to spice up your tablescape.

3. How to Dress – Country Wedding Style

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Of course a country wedding doesn't end with your venue, decoration, and food. Commit to your country wedding theme by dressing in theme with these country wedding outfit ideas.

For brides, you can opt for a traditional wedding dress and adorn it with rustic accent pieces. You can also choose to ditch the traditional classic wedding dress and opt for a more relaxed and natural dress piece. You can go for a vintage dress or a tulle gown. Pair it with a delicate flower crown to complete the look.

Grooms can opt to abandon the suit and tie as well for a more natural look. A semi-formal khaki outfit is a safe and versatile option. It will go well with the relaxed rustic vibe of the wedding. If you're feeling a little more bold, add some classic country elements into your attire with some boots. 

Whatever outfit you choose to go for, what's important is the groom's attire matches the bride's. 


Walking down you Country Themed Wedding Aisle 

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We've gone through our top country wedding theme ideas from decor to attires and cake ideas. These are by far just some of the hundreds of ways you can throw your best country wedding.

Get creative in planning your rustic country wedding. Utilize materials and don't be afraid to DIY. Raw, homemade, and natural are the cornerstones of country decor. 

Whatever design ideas you choose to incorporate, make sure to walk down the wedding aisle with a smile and enjoy your chic rustic country wedding. 

For more rustic wedding decoration ideas, visit our blog, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest for more design inspiration. 

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