Try This: Unique Rustic Table Setting Idea

Try This: Unique Rustic Table Setting Idea

Unique Rustic Table Settingrustic table setting idea with plum, lace, turquoise, and burlap

Rustic Doesn’t Have to Mean Cliche

When you think of a rustic table setting the idea of burlap, lace, and blush likely comes to mind. While there’s definitely nothing wrong with this classic combination, it may be worth exploring different color options to include the guest of honor’s or couple’s favorite colors. This rustic table setting is perfect for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversary parties, birthdays, and even graduation parties!


Who Can Pull Off This Rustic Table Setting?

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆
Set Up Time: 20 minutes

This tablescape may be one of the easiest to set up! If you’re new to preparing event guest tables watch our tutorial on setting up. One of the huge benefits of using our lace products is that they’re made of extremely soft, spun polyester. This type of polyester is not only extremely durable but it also requires virtually no ironing! Even though we used a more intricate chair sash tie in our mock up above, you don’t have to. Watch our easy-to-follow YouTube tutorials on tying a side tie and creating a pyramid napkin fold to make setting up this tablescape a breeze.


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What Goes With This Look?

Burlap paired with white lace creates the perfect neutral base, which means you can add any accent colors you like to the mix! Consider the following when choosing your decor colors:

Your venue’s decor, wall, and carpet colors
The last thing you’d want to do is decide on a red accent color only to show up at your venue and they have green walls! Plan accordingly with what information you have about your event location.

The guest of honor/couple’s favorite color(s)
Nothing personalizes an event and makes it more memorable than incorporating elements that will have an impact on who the event is being thrown for.

The season your event will be taking place in
This point is up for some debate; some worry too much about this and others are team it’s-your-event-do-whatever-you-want. Whichever side you’re on, if you’re lost on which colors to incorporate you can always take inspiration from seasonal color schemes.

What color florals will be in your centerpiece
Take inspiration from your flower or centerpiece colors if you’re torn on the points mentioned for your rustic table setting idea! Use our color wheel tutorial to find the perfect complimentary color.


Perfect Your Overall Look

While traditional rustic decor is set in its ways, there are still small touches you can play with to customize your event’s appearance. One of the key areas to do this is with your centerpiece and table settings. From baby’s breath to roses to lanterns to wood slices, anything simple and soft will help you achieve your desired rustic look. Our wood slices are perfect for completing DIY crafts, including these rustic place cards. If centerpieces aren’t your strong suit, pin our step-by-step guide to make it an easy process! We also suggest taking advantage of a more luxe linen, such as our Lace Polyester Table Skirt or Three Tier Ruffled Burlap Table Skirt, to dress up a cake or specialty table.


What’s Your Rustic Table Setting Idea?

We hope you enjoyed our spin on a unique rustic table setting idea! We know everyone has their own take on this now-classic theme – we’d love to see what events you’ve created. Share your photos on our Facebook wall!

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