The 5 Laws of Creating Bold Wedding Decor

The 5 Laws of Creating Bold Wedding Decor

The 5 Laws of Creating Bold Wedding Decor

Calculated Risks With Bold Decor

While taking risks with event decor, confirming that your bold decor choices look kaleidoscope-chic instead of circus-freak is everything! Bright colors, combining fabrics, and accents galore; bold decor done correctly can be a dream come true. Understanding The Laws of Creating Bold Decor will give you the confidence to put together the gorgeous decor you deserve.

1. Don’t fear bright colors

First do quick search of Pinterest with your proposed colors as the keywords. A search of Pinterest will give you ideas of how other’s have decorated past events with the color palette you plan to use. While there is nothing wrong with a little innovation, keep in mind if no one else has the colors you have chosen there may be a reason.

2. Never shy away from textured linens

Textured linens are always a hit! It’s easy to understand what’s to love about textured linens. The 3D patterns are sensational to touch, they look fantastic, and make a big statement every time. As a result of all of our experience with textured linens, have a wealth of tips and tricks to share for incorporating textured linens into your special day! Check out our selection of textured linens such as satin rosette, wave satin, leaf petal, and circle petal.


Here are a few tips to get you going:

    • Try a monochromatic look by to keeping textured linens all the same color.
    • Use one texture for your main color and a separate texture for your accent color. Opposites attract!
    • Rosette satin is a great go-to material for adding texture.

      3. Don’t fear combining fabrics

      Another door opens when you combine basic linens (such as satin or polyester) with a sequined or textured linens! While it’s tempting to continue using the same fabrics throughout your event, combining fabrics is the key to taking your decor to the next level. The cardinal rule of combining fabrics is that they must stay within your color palette. Much as you may be in love with a tablecloth that almost matches your color theme, if it isn’t a perfect match it’s better to save it for another event.


      4. Always be sure your decor is functional

      The biggest decorating mistake is ignoring the needs of your guests; you must anticipate what decorative details may not be worth becoming bothersome. Due to the chance of loose linens creating trip or spill hazards, always be sure your linens are not dragging the floor. Centerpieces should not obstruct the reach of dining items, and table runners or overlays should never be uneven or bunched. As a result of keeping the needs of your guests in mind, your bold decor will be functional and beautiful!


      5. Always iron linens before use

      Always. Iron. Your. Linens. Almost every piece of advice we feature on this blog mentions ironing because it’s absolutely crucial! Before storing linens? Iron. Advice from the professionals? Iron. We cannot stress it enough, ironing is the simplest way to make your creations shine!


      Time to Apply Your Knowledge

      Go out there and shake things up using The 5 Laws of Creating Bold Wedding Decor! If you have questions about how to make your bold wedding decor work for you, feel free to get in touch with us.

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