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5 Creative Ways to Use Chair Sashes

 You could be decorating all of the details of your special day with chair sashes!

Chair sashes – they are just fabric you tie around chairs at an event to make everything match, right? Think again!

Chair sashes can be the life-force of your special occasion decor with a some creativity and a little help from your friends here at CV Linens. Because chair sash decorating isn’t just about the chairs, we will teach you our favorite ways to use chair sashes in unexpected ways. Instead of thinking of your new decor items as mere chair sashes, start thinking of them as 8 inch x 9 feet long strips of decorating material!

Creative Uses of Chair Sashes:

1. Add Some Flare to a Cocktail Table
Chair Sashes to tie cocktail tables

A cocktail table covered in a tablecloth is gorgeous on its own, but tie a chair sash around the tablecloth and the leg of the cocktail table’s leg and you have a fantastic statement!

• You can flaunt the chair sash’s bow or you can hide it in the tablecloth
• Tie the bow high to draw attention to the table top, or lower to make the table appear wider
• Swirl the table cloth once around the leg of the cocktail table to make for easier tying

2. Make Environmentally Friendly Gift Bows
Gift Bows

Why not repurpose those chair sashes as gift bows to give boxes and books a festive touch, without the wastefulness of wrapping paper?

• Using sashes as gift bows are just as easy as you would imagine. Simply wrap a sash around your gift, then tie a bow. After the bow is tied, you can use your fingers to fluff the bow into a giant festive puff!
• If you are interested in using linens for wrapping other gift items, check out our post about how to wrap a wine bottle using any of our napkins.


3. Tie Back Your Drapes

Drapery can hang shapelessly downward when they are not styled. Rather than accepting shapeless drapes as a fact of life, try using chair sashes to give your drapes a shape!

• Use a chair sash to tie a bow onto your drape panel
• Tie your drapes to your uprights for a pulled-back look with a bow accent

4. Stripe Your Table Runner
Chair Sashes can stripe your Table Runners

We have found an incredible way to make your table runners dazzle by adding the flare of a chair sash!

• For a bold look lay a chair sash along the center of your table runner
• To create a subtle pop of color tuck a chair sash underneath your table runner’s edge and have it peek out
• Using narrow tables? Chair sashes are a great choice for tables that are a too thin to fit a full sized table runner

5. Create a Bouquet Wrap
Boquet wrap with chair sashes

Finally, one more way to coordinate your wedding colors with your floral! Chair sashes are the ideal size for creating bouquet wraps.

• In addition to using linens and chair sashes from CV Linens for your special day, hold together your bouquet wrap with any of our stunning Rhinestone Pins
• Don’t wrap too tightly! Let your chair sash wrap swag a little to hang charms, crystals, or other jeweled minutia


What will you make out of your chair sashes?

Before you get started, don’t forget to iron your chair sashes! Most of all, your guests will appreciate (and notice!) when the table linens laid out before them are pressed and in good shape. We want to see your chair sash creations! Send us the photos of your events to via Facebook or Instagram.

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